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Moving a Fischer Regent Pool Table

Moving a Fischer Regent Pool Table

I have a Fischer Regent pool table, model J38444.

I was wondering if two people can move it piece-by-piece down into a basement.

It needs to go through an inside entrance with a left turn into the basement at the bottom of stairs.

I am worried that I am not going to be able to get it around the turn.

Any thoughts?

Moving a Fischer Regent Pool Table

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  1. user1627224505RayMills on 7/27/2021 1:03:55 PM

    I advise question-asking forum users to provide as much information and photographs as possible to prevent inefficient back-and-forth and to thus encourage replies. Imagine how probable replies would start and let that shape your information.


    • How big are the pieces, especially of the slate?
    • What moving equipment do you have?
    • Are the stairs carpeted?

    Beyond providing answers to each possible response to these questions, I will advise that a disassembled three-piece slate is pretty easy for two people. You should determine a piece's dimensions and cut a similar piece out of cardboard / plywood and do a lightweight trial run.

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Moving a Fischer Regent Pool Table

  • Title: Moving a Fischer Regent Pool Table
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  • Published: 7/25/2021 7:48:27 AM
  • Last Updated: 7/27/2021 3:50:53 AM
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