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Montgomery Ward Pool Table Installing Cloth to Slate

Montgomery Ward Pool Table Installing Cloth to Slate

I am a new owner of an older (1970's) model pool table. I put the frame together but the slate doesn't reach the end of frame. I have watched a few videos and everyone seems to wrap the felt around the slate and attach to the bottom. However, since the slate doesn't reach the ends I can't wrap them to the bottom. So, either I did something wrong or I am missing something. I have attached an image below:

Please help! Thank you.


Montgomery Ward Pool Table Installing Cloth to Slate

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  1. user1482243363billiardsforum on 12/20/2016 12:06:32 PM

    Assuming the assembly you have done thus-far is correct, you might have several ways to attach the cloth to the slate.

    Obvious disclaimer: I am not familiar with the exact Montgomery Ward pool table you have, so these are just a bit of info to point you in the right direction to continue your research.

    • If the slate has wood backing underneath, the cloth is typically stapled to this. If your slate has wood backing attached, I'd bet this is the way you'd want to do it. Most tables are designed so that the excess cloth doesn't affect the leveling of the slate. You staple it to the vertical edge of the wood backing (typically) and not underneath.


    • If you don't have wood backing, it will be glued. See this image and video of a similar scenario to yours e.g. the frame extends past the slate. In the video, the guy explains why and how he glued the slate.


    Again, I can't tell from your picture but it does look like you might have wood backing under the slate perhaps.

    Here is a reference confirming what I am saying, from "Best Billiards" out of Paradise UT.

    The first and most used method of attaching cloth to the slate is stapling. However, your slate must have a wood backing for this method. If your slate is backed, there will be 3/4" lining of wood directly underneath the slate. If not, gluing the cloth to your slate is the next best option. Either method will work well. We will demonstrate the gluing method, but stapling is essentially the same.

    Hope this helps point you in the right direction. Again, please take this info as just that... I have not worked on your exact pool table before.

  2. user1482243363user1482243363 on 12/20/2016 12:58:39 PM

    Thank you very much. BTW, there's no wood backing. I watched the video and will give it a go.

    Any other advice is welcome. :)

    Thanks again.

  3. user1482243363Ned Horsfall on 4/16/2017 12:09:56 PM

    I just refurbished a pool table that looks like this one. It was first purchased by my father in 1974... This was the third subsequent time I re installed it.

    In the particle-board slate supports I can see the screw holes that the skirting attaches to. You attach the skirting, and the felt staples to the skirting.

    The only gluing you will do is right under the pockets. You will cut the over hang at the pockets into "strips", pulling each of them under to attach to the underside of the slate.

    Here is a picture of my recent install. This time we changed from red to blue pool table cloth and also re-did the rails.


  4. user1482243363user1521520028 on 3/20/2018 12:27:12 AM

    Hi Ned.

    We are starting to look for a few replacement parts for our Montgomery Ward pool table bought by my Dad quite a while back. It looks just like your pool table! We even found the Owner's Manual for it, although the model number doesn't match the model number on the book.

    I am wondering if you found replacement parts, such as pocket parts, or the 18 little buttons around the top of the table, anywhere in particular.

    It was really fun to see that someone else is working on the same table that we are attempting to restore.

    Any tips? We would be glad for any help we can get!

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Montgomery Ward Pool Table Installing Cloth to Slate

  • Title: Montgomery Ward Pool Table Installing Cloth to Slate
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  • Published: 12/20/2016 10:15:10 AM
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