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How Does This Happen?!

How Does This Happen?!

I'm making headway on my $500.00 GCIII after a hiatus. I had to wait for my primer to arrive.... I started in earnest on the side skirts and ball tray... it's incredible how scrapped and dented they are. It came from a pool hall so I expected some bumps and bruises but this is way beyond anything that happens from normal wear. Also some dip-$hi† pool table mechanic glued the metal ball-tray guard on with some weird glue that was very difficult to remove even with an electric sander. Pool table mechanics suck so bad and overcharge so much that it forced me to learn how to repair and set-up pool tables by myself. Anyway, here's what I'm dealing with . I have the two long side-skirts almost ready for paint but thought i'd upload some pics of what I had to deal with. it's almost like they TRIED to beat the side-skirts up. but when they're finished they're going to look like solid gold.



How Does This Happen?!

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How Does This Happen?!

  • Title: How Does This Happen?!
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/15/2023 6:16:16 PM