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Fischer Ebonite Pool Table Parts

Fischer Ebonite Pool Table Parts

I am looking for some parts for an 8ft Fischer Ebonite pool table.

Specifically, I am looking for pockets, corner miters, and rail caps for an 8ft Fischer Ebonite billiard table, and these are definitely a tough find.

Fischer Ebonite Pool Table Parts

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  1. Menardo Simonbilliardsforum on 5/23/2018 8:25:25 PM

    I feel your pain man. There is pretty much zero chance you'll find someone selling just those specific parts you need from a Fischer Ebonite pool table.

    In my opinion, the best way to get these is not to look for just the Fischer pool table parts, but instead, just look for a cheap Fischer Ebonite pool tab for sale on the classified sites.

    People are selling tables so dirt cheap (some even giving them away) I really think this is your best bet if you are trying to restore an older pool table. You might pay a bit more up front, but basically, you buy the second pool table, and build one out of the best parts. Then sell off any extra stuff you don't use to recover some of the money (or just keep for spare parts).

    Good luck either way though.

    By the way, are you sure the Fischer model name is "Ebonite"? There was a brand of pool tables from "Ebonite Corp." but not related to Fischer pool table as far as I know. I've not come across one before. Can you post up a pic?

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Fischer Ebonite Pool Table Parts

  • Title: Fischer Ebonite Pool Table Parts
  • Author: (Simon Menardo)
  • Published: 5/23/2018 8:03:23 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/23/2018 8:13:56 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)