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Cushion Type for a Kasson Pool Table

Cushion Type for a Kasson Pool Table

Could someone tell me what number bumpers or cushion profile Kasson pool tables used?

Could it have been a K66 cushion profile?

I recently purchased a beautiful, well made Kasson pool table that has to be over 20 years old, and I want to replace the bumpers.

Cushion Type for a Kasson Pool Table

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  1. Wheatfield Willybilliardsforum on 1/13/2021 4:46:13 AM

    I found three sources that say Kasson pool tables used a K-66 cushion profile:

    The first was on the Championship Billiards website. They mentioned Mercury Billiard Cushion as being available in a K-66 profile only, and go on to say that they are found on Kasson pool tables.


    Next, in reviews on amazon.com for K-66cushions (links to amazon.com K66 cushions):


    Finally, a Kasson ad which specifically mentions K-66 rubber:


    Of course, you should double check against the cushions that come off your specific Kasson pool table before making your order. Most pool table cushions will have a label which shows the brand and profile.

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Cushion Type for a Kasson Pool Table

  • Title: Cushion Type for a Kasson Pool Table
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  • Published: 1/12/2021 10:25:04 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/13/2021 4:35:19 AM
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