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Best way to clean your felt

Best way to clean your felt

I remember when I got my table and had it re-felted. The tech told me not to brush it to clean it. I have a Simonis cloth, (not sure what number). He said I should use a vacuum on it because when you brush it, the dust, chalk and talc (I don't use talc) will get in the fibers and get stuck between the table bed and the cloth. Anyone know if this is true? Previous to this I always brushed toward the head with a standard table brush.

Best way to clean your felt

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  1. gibsonprobilliards on 12/8/2010 8:33:33 AM

    Brushing only moves chalk dust and doesn't remove it. Use a vacuum with a flat (non-rotating) attachment or a dustbuster to remove chalk dust. Then give the cloth a light wipe down with a damp cloth (microfiber). Make sure the cloth is really wrung out. Instead of the vacuum you can pickup a Simonis X1 which does a great job of removing chalk dust.

  2. gibsonMitch Alsup on 12/8/2010 2:30:23 PM

    If you want to vacuum, use the drapery attachment--the one with the long fiber curtain that prevents the vacuum from sucking up the draperies. Often these also have a vent port to reduce the level of suction--use it. Chalk is very light and the least amount of suction still removes the chalk and talc.

    But the way to remove the chalk is to get a dish-towel (or terry-cloth towel) and get it wet, not dripping wet, but wet. Take the towel and lay it on a small section of the table. Pat the cloth with your palms and fingers into the table. Now lift the towel, take it back to the sink and rinse it with water. Rinse it wout to the point is has no drippe, and repeat on the next section. This process lifts the chalk from the table. run a small fan in the room until the room until the table is dry. Expect the table to play slow for at least a full day.

    This process gets the chalk (and talc if you use it) without brushing it deeper into the cloth. And as a side benefit, the cloth will tighten up just a hair in the process. {Can be used as a room humidifier in colder months.}

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Best way to clean your felt

  • Title: Best way to clean your felt
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  • Published: 12/7/2010 10:42:24 AM