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What Type of Pool Table is This?

What Type of Pool Table is This?

I have an old 9-foot pool table that my dad purchased used at least 30 years ago. I'm guessing it is from the late 50's or 60's from the style and the use of flat head screws.

It is similar in appearance to a Brunswick Gold Crown but from what I've been able to determine it doesn't quite seem to match up. It may be "Frankenstein" model made up of several different tables.

I can't find my pictures of it assembled but I have several pictures of various parts.

I'm a "newbie" to pool tables but have a good background in furniture restoration. I would like to make it a nice pool table once again.

The base and skirts have been painted but under the paint I found they were covered with Formica. The base has a white Formica and the skirts have a sort of orange colored Formica on them. I can't find any name brand on them anywhere other than "pacesetter" stamped under one of the corners but none of the others.

I would like to know what I have so I can possibly order any missing parts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have other pictures if they are needed to identify it.







What Type of Pool Table is This?

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  1. LeeMoorebilliardsforum on 3/27/2021 8:22:04 AM

    I don't recognize the pool table in the photos (it's hard to visualize it when it's not assembled).

    It's not likely a Brunswick Gold Crown. If it were, you would likely see obvious branding of that on some of the pieces.

    You might also try removing one of the score counters from the rail and inspect the hidden portion for any branding or company info.

    I think the "Pace-Setter" name is the best clue you have, I think. That brand was from a company called "Quality Billiards Mfg" from Gardena, CA.

    See these previous questions for more information on that aspect:

  2. LeeMooreLeeMoore on 3/27/2021 6:10:41 PM

    Thanks for the response. I’ll check out the links.

    I was thinking about removing the score counters and checking under them.

    The strange thing about the Pace-Setter name is that it’s only on one corner and not any of the others.

    Thanks for the help

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What Type of Pool Table is This?

  • Title: What Type of Pool Table is This?
  • Author: (Lee Moore)
  • Published: 3/25/2021 8:43:56 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/27/2021 8:00:40 AM
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