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US Billiards PRO-3 Pool Table Info

US Billiards PRO-3 Pool Table Info

I just purchased a US Billiards "PRO 3" pool table. It measures 93" x 53" in size.

It has one score keeper with no built-in rack holder. The cue ball comes out where the pool balls come out at. It has a slot that can hold up to 3 pool cue sticks.

Now, finally, it is dime operated. Yes, that's right, it takes 2 dimes.

It is all-original and I’ve never seen a dime flat slot before in a pool table.

It has an emblem with "Pro 3" and the number 3-7256 on it.

I want to know what year my US Billiards PRO-3 pool table is from.






US Billiards PRO-3 Pool Table Info

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  1. Davore1346billiardsforum on 4/7/2020 5:31:24 AM

    The PRO Series debuted in March 1964.

    The U.S. Billiards company's plans to launch the PRO series of coin-operated pool tables were published in a March 1964 issue of Cash Box, a trade magazine for the Coin-OP and vending industry.


  2. Davore1346Davore1346 on 4/7/2020 8:02:43 AM

    Thank you.

    Here's a photo of the coin acceptor with the dimes in place.


  3. Davore1346user1631370041 on 9/11/2021 7:20:42 AM

    I've been looking for one. Please contact me if you're interested in selling.

    (318) 282-6999
    Trae Banks

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US Billiards PRO-3 Pool Table Info

  • Title: US Billiards PRO-3 Pool Table Info
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  • Published: 4/6/2020 8:32:29 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/7/2020 5:01:23 AM
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