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US Billiards FL3-6901 Pool Table Model ID

US Billiards FL3-6901 Pool Table Model ID

My nephew has asked for help recovering a 7-foot US Billiards pool table.

The only numbers we can find were on a sticker

US Billiards FL3-6901

Can anyone help determine anything like model #, etc, so I can ordered felt, etc for the job?

And another question - is the entire upper rim removable in one piece when I'm working with the felt?

Thanks for any information you can provide. I appreciate your time.

US Billiards FL3-6901 Pool Table Model ID

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  1. Minnitackibilliardsforum on 12/5/2020 7:39:22 AM

    That sounds more like a serial number and unfortunately those usually don't directly relate to a model name.

    With clear photos of your nephew's pool table, I'm relatively confident we can identify the model name.

    Your second question might best be answered after we nail down the U.S. Billiards model name.

  2. MinnitackiMinnitacki on 12/6/2020 12:48:28 PM

    I'm been working on getting photos of the pool table. With Covid 19, my nephew's wife will be taking them and sending to me.

    I did, however, find out that each of the rails has 4 bolt holes if that helps. There is no cloth on the pool table and the rails have all been removed, apparently several years ago by someone who started the job and then didn't finish.

    Would the entire top that the cushions attach to come off in one piece?

    Thank you so much for any help.









  3. Minnitackibilliardsforum on 12/9/2020 2:34:57 AM

    That FL3-6901 stamp you mentioned is probably actually EL3-6901. I think your pool table is a US Billiards English Leather pool table.

    I believe the "3" in "EL3" means it is the 93" x 53" size (see brochure below).

    The "entire upper rim" is not likely one piece. It is probably four pieces.

    See also Value of a US Billiards Inc EL Pool Table

    Here is an old US Billiards Inc brochure for this pool table (the coin-operated commercial model)


  4. MinnitackiMinnitacki on 12/9/2020 5:59:14 AM

    Thank you so much for your response. Now I have a place to start. The only difference is that the coin box is on the long side, not the end.

  5. Minnitackibilliardsforum on 12/9/2020 7:48:34 AM

    The placement of the coin box might have been varied between sizes. Yours being a smaller 7-foot version, that might have been the only place it could go.

    You could order it with different coin chute mechanism types too (push chute or drop chute), which may have also made a difference in where it was located within the pool table.

    For example, here's a different brochure for the same English Leather line, but you can see there are a few small cosmetic differences between this and the one I shared earlier.


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US Billiards FL3-6901 Pool Table Model ID

  • Title: US Billiards FL3-6901 Pool Table Model ID
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  • Published: 12/2/2020 8:37:46 AM
  • Last Updated: 12/5/2020 7:21:35 AM
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