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Table Identification

Table Identification

I am having some trouble identifying my pool table (the black wood one in the pictures below).

I was told it was an Alcock pool table but after a few emails with them they seem to think that it may be a Heiron and Smith. I have been in contact with Heiron and Smith also but they seem to think that it is not one of theirs either.

A reply from them indicated that they though it was an 'old English table'. I'm just throwing up a few pictures on the of chance someone can identify it straight away or at least steer me in the right direction of who to enquire with.

Not shown in the pictures but the plaques that go at each end are on the face of the end rails and not on top where your cue would pass over.

The last 2 pictures are of 2 tables but the darker legs and woodwork are the ones im trying to identify.


Table Identification

Replies & Comments

  1. Muller38billiardsforum on 8/1/2014 9:41:23 AM

    It really does seem like it could be a Heiron Smith Commonwealth pool table. Note the similar vertical grooves near the bottom of the legs:

    These seem to have brass fittings at the bottom of the legs where the pool table legs in your photos do not. Perhaps they were removed?

    But it is too hard to tell for sure without seeing more detail of the individual pieces of the pool table's body.

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Table Identification

  • Title: Table Identification
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  • Published: 7/24/2014 4:11:13 PM