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Olhausen Identification

Olhausen Identification

Can anyone help me identify this Olhuasen table, it’s a 8’ but that’s all of the information I have.



Olhausen Identification

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  1. dandrascbilliardsforum on 7/17/2018 4:51:44 PM

    Looks like an Olhausen Eclipse model pool table (with upgraded leg style) from the Olhausen Portland series.

    The Olhausen Eclipse pool table was in the 1991-1992 catalog, and it is still in the catalogs today, so it's been a long-running model.

    They retail for between $3000 and $4000 roughly, depending on options.


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Olhausen Identification

  • Title: Olhausen Identification
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/17/2018 2:47:16 PM