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Is It a Brunswick Table

Is It a Brunswick Table

I got an old pool table off of a fellow and I want to restore it.

He said it was a Brunswick pool table but the nameplate is missing, but there are a few numbers stamped on the inside of the frame.

Is there any other way to identify what kind of table this is?

Is It a Brunswick Table

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  1. deadstrokebilliardsforum on 11/12/2008 3:42:26 AM

    Hi Gregg, welcome to the forum. Can you upload some images?

  2. deadstrokedeadstroke on 11/12/2008 3:59:41 PM

    All I have at the house are the rails and the legs.Would this help any or do you need something specific photographed

  3. deadstrokequickshot on 11/12/2008 8:29:35 PM

    You may want to go here and browse around: brunswickbilliards.com Be aware they also made a couple of other tables under a different name.

  4. deadstrokeknoxpossum on 11/18/2008 7:21:31 PM

    The more recent brunswick tables (15 years or so) I have seen usually have stickers on the bottom of the slate or frame that say brunswick and the origin of the slate. Assuming your table doesn't have those, brunswick may be able to help. They have been very responsive with the questions I have sent via e-mail.

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Is It a Brunswick Table

  • Title: Is It a Brunswick Table
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/12/2008 3:24:11 AM