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Info on "Custom Original" by Delta Billiards Mfg.

Info on "Custom Original" by Delta Billiards Mfg.

I recently bought this Delta Billiards pool table as just something to not have to go to a bar or pool hall and waste money since I don't drink anymore.

I know that its pretty beat up, and the last owner kind of “frankensteined” it by converting it from coin-op to pockets, but after researching every possible outlet I could find through Google, I only have found 1 reference to this table, and it was on a website for a Pool Table Moving Company that just took pictures of one of their clients/jobs.


I know the plate on the table states that this is a "Concord Custom by Delta Billiards Mfg. Co" pool table from Los Angeles, CA. I know that Delta Tables were well known around LA and Southern California back in the 1970’s, and the company went out of business around then. It is an 8ft, one-piece slate table.

From my research, I could only really find people talking about “Custom Originals” by Delta, but most of those stated that Delta was operating under a company called “Questor.”


  1. I would like to know if this table has any kid of “uniqueness” as far as if Delta was a good brand?
  2. Would there be a place to find parts to convert it back to coin-op?
  3. Basic Information about Delta Billiards in general, and where to find information on their line of 1970’s tables.





Info on "Custom Original" by Delta Billiards Mfg.

Replies & Comments

  1. ElBoudreauxbilliardsforum on 3/27/2019 5:50:15 PM

    1) I would like to know if this table has any kid of “uniqueness” as far as if Delta was a good brand?

    In short, no. The style is dated, and there is nothing unique about Delta pool tables that give them any collectibility. In general, pool tables post-1930s simply don't achieve "collectible" status, unless it has a notable and documented provenance.

    Was Delta Billiards Mfg. a "good brand"? Sure. Probably middle- to upper-end of quality spectrum. They were well-built residential-grade pool tables. They're in the same "league" as Olhausen or Brunswick are in today in terms of being American-made and in terms of quality. Unfortunately because they are very dated in style, and a flooded market for used pool tables, they are worth very little.

    2) Would there be a place to find parts to convert it back to coin-op?

    There certainly isn't a ready-supply of parts. You'll need to contact some pool table restoration companies (see below) and ask around if you are dead set on spending money. Honestly, by the time it's all said and done, your "spend" to get it back to a working order could be substantial. Unless it has sentimental value to you, it's probably not worth it. Figure out what you'd end up spending on parts, restoration, refinishing, shipping costs, etc., and then look around and see what other pool tables you could buy for that same amount. It's a buyer's market.

    For parts, try calling Ken Hash at Classic Billliards. He's the guy to talk to about older pool tables and is always happy to help. Even if he can't, he may be able to point you in the right direction.

    (410) 256-8388

    3) Basic Information about Delta Billiards in general, and where to find information on their line of 1970’s tables.

    I don't have a whole lot of info for you on the company.

    I think they were bought out by Questor Corporation (they bought up a bunch of small pool table makers in that era e.g. Fischer, etc.). Both the quality and brand perception went down after the acquisition. Tables made after the acquisition would have "a division of Questor Corp." on the name plate.

  2. ElBoudreauxElBoudreaux on 3/27/2019 9:39:57 PM

    @billiardsforum, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the response!

    I realized the table wasn't too "unique" by the design of it after researching because most beginner tables seemed to have this sort of body style.

    I appreciate the advice too in regards to the parts and restoration aspect of my initial question. I bought the table for $150, which I figured was a good deal for a solid single-piece slate 8-foot pool table after searching for used tables where I lam from (I live in a small city in southwest Louisiana).

    When I purchased the table it was (and still is) pretty beat up cosmetically, but I didn't know if it would be worth it for "novelty" purposes to try to convert it back to coin-op status. It still has all the inside tubes and mechanisms under the slate, but is missing the actual space to put your quarters/coins in. Its really not a big deal on this aspect though because like I mentioned before, I mainly bought it because I don't drink anymore, and did not want to have to go into a bar, or pool hall, to spend money and play. I was averaging $30 in quarters a weekend to play, so this table has already "paid for itself" in the month I've owned it. Plus, I am keeping it in an outside carport for now, but will eventually run a window unit to the room, so I would rather spend my money on that update so I will know if this area is suitable for a future pool table!

    Also, thank you for your insight on my last initial question as well! I mainly just wanted to know what I should be trying to look up when researching the table in regards to the exact brand, and if the plate with "Concord Custom" was a legit table series of theirs. I got confused when seeing the Questor, and Fischer brands showing up alongside Delta on some of the metal plates for Delta Billiard mfg. tables.

  3. ElBoudreauxuser1618851245 on 4/19/2021 9:54:06 AM

    On the 8-foot Delta Custom Original pool table, I understand that it's a one-piece slate, but is the frame made from solid wood or the compressed wood? Also, how thick is slate?

  4. ElBoudreauxuser1656164525 on 6/25/2022 1:42:05 PM

    My Delta Custom Original pool table has a different style name plate:


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Info on "Custom Original" by Delta Billiards Mfg.

  • Title: Info on "Custom Original" by Delta Billiards Mfg.
  • Author: (Lee B.)
  • Published: 3/27/2019 8:55:27 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/27/2019 5:41:55 PM
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