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Info on AMF Pool Table Model 5800

Info on AMF Pool Table Model 5800

I just acquired this AMF pool table model 5800 from the 1960 (I think).

I am looking for any information about it that someone might be able to provide, such as year of manufacture, model name, original retail price, and the value of the pool table today.

My goal is to restore the pool table and would just like to know more information on it.




Info on AMF Pool Table Model 5800

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  1. pshoemaker84billiardsforum on 1/5/2020 4:16:51 AM

    I tried to find an original brochure or advertisement for the AMF pool table model 5800 but came up short.

    It is definitely from the 1960s.

    Could it be the 1967 AMF Monaco pool table? Hard to tell. This was the only advertisement I found for that one:


  2. pshoemaker84pshoemaker84 on 1/7/2020 1:55:54 PM

    I appreciate your help.

    Why is it so hard to find information on the AMF brand pool tables?

    I would think with the model number it wouldn’t be that difficult, but have pretty much come up empty.

  3. pshoemaker84billiardsforum on 1/7/2020 3:18:45 PM

    I know. There just isn't a ton of material out there.

    Is the Monaco the right model? The ball tray was the only thing that looks different, but I can't see the other side of yours so I don't know if yours has that or not.

  4. pshoemaker84pshoemaker84 on 1/7/2020 4:34:58 PM

    It does, it was just off from moving it. Based off looks the Monaco seems to be spot on.

  5. pshoemaker84BallBuster on 1/12/2020 4:55:21 PM

    What really matters is that you own one of the most beautiful pool tables ever made. There is one for sale locally but it isn't anywhere near the pristine condition that yours is in.

    The "ball tray difference" is the difference between a ball-return table and a drop-pocket table.

  6. pshoemaker84Icicle on 12/26/2023 6:53:00 AM

    Four years later and I have similar questions about these AMF pool tables. I am hoping that someone can help with photos of the area underneath the pool table where the upper joins to the base.

    About 25 years so, I inherited this pool AMF pool table from the college history professor I had in 1969. It was disassembled and placed in storage nine years ago where, it appears, some pieces may have been lost.

    The pool table is mostly complete, but there seems to be parts missing that attach the pool table to the base.

    If I had photos or a diagram to look off of, it would be very helpful because I have the ability to fabricate anything from steel or wood to finish the installation for the enjoyment of my family.

    Thanks in case anyone can help!

    Here is the data/name plate from my AMF pool table. It is only a few serial numbers after the one in the original post by @pshoemaker84


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Info on AMF Pool Table Model 5800

  • Title: Info on AMF Pool Table Model 5800
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  • Published: 1/4/2020 3:32:10 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/5/2020 3:40:12 AM
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