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Identifying Snooker Table Maker

Identifying Snooker Table Maker

Does anyone have any idea on a make or year, or can otherwise identify this snooker table?

Here are a couple of pictures. Hope someone can identify it.

Looking to see how edges are originally finished.




Identifying Snooker Table Maker

Replies & Comments

  1. user1555896986billiardsforum on 4/25/2019 6:49:17 PM

    I don't recognize the snooker table straight away.

    I see that it's name plate is missing (in the 2nd photo). Would it have had bolt covers over all of the bolt holes? Typically they would. Those may be also missing?

    Any other markings, numbers, or other identifying features on or under the snooker table?

  2. user1555896986user1555896986 on 4/25/2019 7:44:37 PM

    The snooker table has no other markings. Nothing other than some Roman numerals that numbered the slates. Neither side of the slate had any markings other than those.

    It's a 5-piece slate snooker table. I am not sure if that is standard. I've seen other snooker tables with the bolts covered with the mushroom style wood caps.

    There were no name plates or even bolt covers with the table when purchased over 24 years ago.

    I have googled so many different snooker tables, but have not been able to find one with similar features.

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Identifying Snooker Table Maker

  • Title: Identifying Snooker Table Maker
  • Author: (Frank Costa)
  • Published: 4/21/2019 6:36:26 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/25/2019 6:43:26 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)