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Identify Version of Fischer Cavalier Pool Table (V, VII, VIII, etc.)

Identify Version of Fischer Cavalier Pool Table (V, VII, VIII, etc.)

Does anyone know which version this Cavalier pool table is? I.E.: V, VII, VIII.

I think I have the same one as Fischer Cavalier pool table shown in this other question.

I can find hardly any info on it. I grew up playing on ours. I was born in 1971. My dad got it from his uncle back in 1973 or 1974.

I would love to know exact model or see an advertisement for it, or a build sheet with specs.

It is now in our basement getting some TLC. New felt comes next week.

Any info is greatly appreciated.




Identify Version of Fischer Cavalier Pool Table (V, VII, VIII, etc.)

Replies & Comments

  1. gchandkehbilliardsforum on 4/14/2020 9:08:11 AM

    Until you asked this question, I thought the roman numerals signified different generations of the Cavalier pool table model.

    However, after some further research I don't think this is correct.

    I think those roman numerals indicate the size, based on a Fischer brochure for another model.

    • VI = 6-foot model
    • VII = 7-foot model
    • VIII = 8-foot model


    I could still be wrong about this and I've reached out to a former Fischer employee for more info. No idea when (or even if) they'll get back to me.

    Regarding the Fischer Cavalier pool table brochure, I believe I shared it with you a few years back in a previous question you had posted when you were trying to initially identify the pool table:

    The brochure I posted in my answer to that question is currently the only one I have.

  2. gchandkehgchandkeh on 4/14/2020 10:13:56 AM

    Do you have a copy of the brochure you can scan me? I want to blow it up and have it in a frame as wall art. Great research by the way. Thanks

  3. gchandkehbilliardsforum on 4/14/2020 12:28:51 PM

    Unfortunately, I do not. The photo I have was sent to me a long time ago, and I no longer recall where I got it from.

    I will tell you that various Fischer pool table brochures come up all of the time for sale on eBay. Create an alert for yourself there.

    By the way, I think these came out in mid-1698. Here's an ad from a May 30, 1958 Detroit, MI newspaper listing the Fischer Cavalier with the heading: "New from Fischer":


    There are ads like this for the Fischer Cavalier found throughout newspapers right up through the end of 1978.

    Also, apparently, one could choose from either a marble or slate playfield bed.

    Seeing as your are looking for some interesting wall-art to hang in your game room, here's a cool Fischer Cavalier ad from April 12, 1974 Fort Worth Star-Telegram (and I emailed you a high-res .png version as well):


  4. gchandkehgchandkeh on 4/14/2020 1:30:15 PM

    Those are so cool.

    Yeah I noticed the underside of my slate has a bunch of numbers, but a couple that stand out are 5, 74.

    I'm assuming that's the date of manufacture.

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Identify Version of Fischer Cavalier Pool Table (V, VII, VIII, etc.)

  • Title: Identify Version of Fischer Cavalier Pool Table (V, VII, VIII, etc.)
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  • Published: 4/8/2020 3:46:23 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/14/2020 7:54:54 AM
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