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Identify This Brunswick 8ft Pool Table

Identify This Brunswick 8ft Pool Table

I have Googled to find information on this Brunswick pool table for the past 8 days now and I am still unable to find the model or even the decade of production.

Any ideas?




Identify This Brunswick 8ft Pool Table

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  1. pe_rppe_rp on 9/3/2019 8:56:25 AM

    I found the model. It's called the Brunswick Contempra from 1970.

    Here are the details from the 1969-1970 Brunswick Billiards catalog.

    Brunswick Contempra Pool Table

    • Year of Manufacture: From 1969 To 1970
    • Sizes available: 8 Home options (44" x 88" Playfield)
    • Slate: 3 pc. 1" framed slate
    • Color Options: Oak
    • Cushion Rubber: Superspeed

    Technical Information: From the 1969/1970 Brunswick Billiards Catalog

    Solid natural oak, beautifully accented with brushed aluminum in this hand crafted slate table.

    The Brunswick Contempera features:

    • A three-piece, one-inch thick, slate bed- matched, registered and doweled to provide a permanently level playing surface.
    • Solid oak aprons; burn, stain, and scratch resistant Conolite® rails; hardwood ball storage compartments; and brushed aluminum legs.
    • Deluxe built-in scorers.
    • Professional grade wool/nylon cloth; deluxe Super-Speed® cushions.
    • Professional 4’ X 8'size.
    • Choice of automatic ball returns or traditional pocket models.

    • 1970 MSRP: Pocket model: $995.00

    • 1970 MSRP: Return model: $1,095.00


    Source: brunswick.pastperfectonline.com/library/B920A0E4-2CEB-42CD-8942-187939241265

  2. pe_rpCharmzdub on 9/10/2019 9:59:08 AM

    Very cool old Brunswick Contempra pool table!

    I like the "square-ness" of this pool table.

  3. pe_rpbilliardsforum on 9/19/2019 3:37:00 AM

    Brunswick Billiards Corp. must have had high hopes for the design of the Contempra pool table. It was Featured on the cover of that 1969-1970 catalog:


  4. pe_rpuser1636496714 on 11/9/2021 2:25:15 PM

    I have a older friend that that just gave me one of these Brunswick Contempra pool tables.

    It's really cool to have a pool table that is older than me.

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Identify This Brunswick 8ft Pool Table

  • Title: Identify This Brunswick 8ft Pool Table
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  • Published: 9/2/2019 9:29:45 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/19/2019 3:20:53 AM
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