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Identify Oak Brunswick Pool Table

Identify Oak Brunswick Pool Table

Can anyone help me identify my Brunswick pool pool table? I found the photo on the Brunswick website of a pool table that matches mine.

I cannot find any markings on the pool table to let me know what the model or identification besides the standard brunswick billiard name plate.

Does anyone know what is the model name of the pool table and when it was made? I'm also looking to find out how much it is worth.

This one below is my pool table:


Here is the photo from the Brunswick Billiards archive:


Identify Oak Brunswick Pool Table

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  1. waynetogobilliardsforum on 9/9/2021 6:18:46 PM

    Since you already positively identified it when you found it on the Brunswick Billiards archive site, you ALREADY KNOW that it's an oak Brunswick Manchester pool table from around 1991 To 1999.

    Here's the info on the Brunswick Manchester pool table from the 1992 brochure. This is from the same page the photo you found came from:

    Superb engineering in combination with the ultimate high quality Glacier Grade oak from the northern regions of the United States has created a beautiful addition to any family recreation room. The attractive detailed carving in the cabinetry is painstakingly hand carved by master carvers. Three-piece, framed slate, diamond honed, provides the same consistent playing characteristics that are present in our world class professional table. Brunswick’s exclusive Super Speed® cushions assure that the table performs with superior accuracy and consistency. Careful attention is paid to every detail of the construction to assure that the table will withstand the test of time.

    Available in 8’ and 9’ models in oak and 8’model in mahogany.

    Model PE.

    • Rails: Rails are supported by and bolted through the slate for maximum rigidity. Specially designed floating nut plate allows rail to be precisely positioned and permanently pulled down to the slate.
    • Cabinetry: Top quality Glacier Grade solid oak, from the northern regions of the United States are used throughout.
    • Finish: Beautiful catalyzed furniture finish maximizes the natural beauty of the oak.
    • Base Frame: Base frame is constructed of 6/4 solid oak and features massive dovetailed cross supports.
    • Cushions: Super Speed® canvas-backed cushions, the standard of the industry, assure maximum accuracy, true ball rebound and consistent play.
    • Authentically Hand Carved detail: The detail carving is painstakingly created by master carvers.
    • Sights: Pearlized inlaid sights have a maximum tolerance of 30/1000 of an inch for accurate play.
    • Cloth: Brunswick recommends a professional wool/nylon blend billiard cloth to assure excellent playability.
    • Pockets: Color coordinated leather net #6 iron pockets. Pocket openings conform to exacting industry standards.
    • Slate: Three-piece framed, precision ground slate provides a permanent level playing surface. Slate is precision-machined level to within 10/1000 of an inch and extends underneath the rails for consistent play.

    Machine nuts and bolts are used to assure maximum stability.

    Here's another clipping of the Brunswick Manchester pool table from the 1992 Brunswick Billiards catalog.


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Identify Oak Brunswick Pool Table

  • Title: Identify Oak Brunswick Pool Table
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  • Published: 8/27/2021 2:35:39 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/13/2021 2:49:16 PM
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