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Identify an Olhausen Table

Identify an Olhausen Table

I need to identify an Olhausen pool table.

I purchased a house with this Olhausen pool table in it.

What do we have here? Does anyone know?






Identify an Olhausen Table

Replies & Comments

  1. Johnny Rouhafzaibilliardsforum on 2/6/2021 9:36:49 AM

    It is an Olhausen Gem pool table.

    In terms of value, it would be similar to any other used low- to mid-range Olhausen pool table. The style is slightly out-dated (the "flutings backed with brass" on the rails and legs), so that may affect price slightly. Maybe not though.

    Here it was in the 1991-1992 Olhausen Billiards catalog:


  2. Johnny RouhafzaiJohnny Rouhafzai on 2/6/2021 11:29:18 AM

    Awesome! Do you know if its 1 piece slate or 3 piece?

  3. Johnny Rouhafzaibilliardsforum on 2/6/2021 11:56:23 AM

    The brochure doesn't explicitly say, but it refers to the slate as a "set" which, to me, insinuates more than one piece.

    Additionally, I saw an ad for a 9-foot Olhausen Gem pool table, and the listing mentioned it had a "3 piece, 1" thick Italian slate top".


    I know that's not a solid answer, but now that you know the model, you can probably put in some time with the search engines to figure it out.

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Identify an Olhausen Table

  • Title: Identify an Olhausen Table
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  • Published: 2/5/2021 8:04:56 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/6/2021 9:21:42 AM
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