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ID the Pool Table That I Learned On

ID the Pool Table That I Learned On

I learned to play pool on an old pool table at a resort up in Three Lakes, WI. Sadly, the resort closed over 15 years ago, and I was too young to attend the auction where the pool table was sold.

I would love to track down the manufacturer and model of this pool table.

Any leads would be helpful.


ID the Pool Table That I Learned On

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  1. user1582909300billiardsforum on 2/28/2020 2:59:45 PM

    What year would that photo be from, roughly?

    Do you have any additional photos which might show more of the pool table? Perhaps one with close-ups of the counters?

    It reminds me of lower-end big-box pool tables like Montgomery Wards.


    Also, Frederick Willy's comes to mind. Both come to mind because of that aluminum or chrome-look trim.


    Sorry I couldn't help further, but not much to go on here.

  2. user1582909300user1582909300 on 2/28/2020 3:36:06 PM

    This is the only picture I have found of the pool table. It would have been from the mid 1980s.

    The only other detail I remember about it is that the ball return system was made of wooden channels and the balls would drop from one channel to the next, making a unique sound along the way.

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ID the Pool Table That I Learned On

  • Title: ID the Pool Table That I Learned On
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  • Published: 2/28/2020 9:01:41 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/28/2020 2:46:56 PM
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