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ID Antique 1880s Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

ID Antique 1880s Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

Is there anyone who could tell me the age of my grandfather's pool table?

My dad told me that it is from around 1880.

Eventually I will be selling it and need to know exactly what I have.

I've seen the legs and scroll work online, and I think I may have something valuable..

The name plate baffles me because someone took the original plate off and put on what is now there.

The pool table has been in our family for over 100 years.

Any info would be appreciated.









ID Antique 1880s Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

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  1. dad Brunswickbilliardsforum on 1/27/2021 4:29:47 PM

    That's a nice looking Antique pool table.

    I think 1880s to 1890s, give or take, is the correct period.

    The pattern of the original name plate is a huge clue. I've come across this shape that was used on some older Brunswick-Balke-Collender models (specifically, the Naragansett). It seems to fit the shape. Looking at those patent dates, this plate would be from somewhere between 1895 and 1900.


    I looked through the Brunswick archives, but didn't find a match for your pool table.

    I would recommend reaching out to these folks (in this order). Share this post in an email. Good chance one of them can pinpoint it for you.

    1. The guy you need to talk to is Ken Hash at Classic Billiards in Fallston, MD. He's the guy to talk to for this type of stuff. He is always happy to give free advice etc. His site is where I found that nameplate above. He sells reproductions of old nameplates too.

      (410) 256-8388

    2. Donald and Dave at Bankshot Antiques in Albany NY

      (518) 434-2800

    3. If Ken can't help you, try Joe Newell out of Clay Center, KS. He runs Newell's Antique Billiard Supply, and he is the foremost Brunswick expert in the US.

      (785) 632-5955

    It's a great antique pool table you have there.

    Good luck and please let us know what you find out.

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ID Antique 1880s Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

  • Title: ID Antique 1880s Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table
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  • Published: 1/27/2021 9:54:21 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/27/2021 3:57:50 PM
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