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Help With Pool Table Identification

Help With Pool Table Identification

I am buying a home, and the current owners asked if we would like the pool table. The house is located out-of-state so I can’t just go see it.

I would appreciate input on this very limited info.

Would you pay $500 for this pool table?


Help With Pool Table Identification

Replies & Comments

  1. user1557599003billiardsforum on 5/14/2019 8:19:19 PM

    This picture is blurry and doesn't show enough to properly identify the pool table. I see it has a name-plate, but no way I can make it out.

    If I can't identify it, I can't really give you a proper answer.

    However, in general, $500 probably is a decent deal if it has a slate bed. If you bought elsewhere, you'd have to pay to have it moved, set-up, and probably re-clothed, and that alone would run you in the range of several hundreds of dollars.

    Owners probably don't want to move it for the above reasons as well, so there's a good chance if you make you offer conditional on them just "throwing in" the pool table, there's a good chance they'll take it.

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Help With Pool Table Identification

  • Title: Help With Pool Table Identification
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  • Published: 5/11/2019 11:23:24 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/14/2019 8:24:47 PM
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