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Help Identifying a Koehler & Hinrichs 8ft Table

Help Identifying a Koehler & Hinrichs 8ft Table

I was given an old pool table. I would like to restore it with the original color/stain. I haven't been able to find much about the table. I looked all over it and have found the following.

Found this stamped into the wood under the felt of one of the rails. --->No. 1 Electric Koehler & Hinrichs St. Paul MINN. | 7311 - X | SE I - 3

I found K809 stamped into the wood of all the parts.


I appreciate any and all help.

Thanks, Frank






Help Identifying a Koehler & Hinrichs 8ft Table

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  1. bobcatz2011billiardsforum on 7/10/2017 8:55:59 PM

    I am guessing you found a good bit of info about the Koehler & Hinrichs company, but I will post it here for the sake of others looking:

    George formed a partnership with Ferdinand Hinrichs that year, and began marketing specialized foods. By 1891, he was one of several St. Paul businessmen invited to talk about their business in the St. Paul Globe. He reported the firm had moved into new quarters and was doing expanded business in Manitoba through an agent. "Our general trade for the first half of December was simply immense. We expect the same increase for the balance of the month," and another good year to come, he wrote.[4]A newspaper advertisement about the same time, indicated the firm was also dealing in Butchers and Packers supplies and was manufacturing refrigerators.[5]

    In 1906, George was listed as one of the prominent businessmen of St. Paul in a biographical history book.[6] The book described him as "a merchant who has done much to promote the commercial activity, advance the general welfare and secure the material development of his adopted city and as a business man is enterprising, energetic and always abreast of the times, his labors being rewarded by an ample fortune."[7]

    The firm had grown to employ about eighty people and its major building was six stories high, with one hundred thousand square feet of floor space. It was trading from St. Paul to the West coast. In addition to fancy groceries, butchers' and packers' supplies, it was also dealing in bar and glassware supplies; billiard and pool tables (which they manufactured), bowling alleys; coin operating machines; hotel supplies; soft drinks; artificial flowers and palms; music boxes and talking machines. Ferdinand H. Hinrichs had died in 1904 and was succeeded by Henry Hinrichs as partner. The firm was also selling via mail order, issuing its own catalog.

    They sold wholesale into a lot of pool rooms at the time as well... you see ads in old newspapers by pool halls advertising that they have Koelher & Hinrichs pool and billiard tables.

    Here is a custom antique 9′ Koehler & Hinrichs pool table valued at aroujnd $6000.

    This is a one of a kind. This was built in St Paul MN. In the early 1900s Koehler and Hendricks built pool tables and bar equipment. This table was in Rochester MN. At a Jewish synagogue for many years. Then purchased by a Private party in Rochester. This table is in mint condition and has rosewood rail top with ivory diamond inlays.


    Please do let us know if you find any more good photos or references. Would love to see em.

    And a few more pics showing the Koehler & Hinrichs billiards company:





  2. bobcatz2011user1617617960 on 4/5/2021 3:14:06 AM

    I have a K & H pool table from the same vintage along with a wall-mounted cue rack, ball rack, cues, rack, and balls that I'm selling cheap if you might be interested in those.

    The pockets are original iron but were restored, along with the cushions, a few years ago. The slate bed is in great condition.

  3. bobcatz2011user1618164331 on 4/14/2021 6:28:27 PM

    I have a mini Koehler & Hinrichs Pool Table with Only 4 Corner Pockets. It is a mini pool table (54'' x 36'') with only 4 corner pockets and no side pockets. It has a 2'' slate.

    Anyone out there know what this table might be?

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Help Identifying a Koehler & Hinrichs 8ft Table

  • Title: Help Identifying a Koehler & Hinrichs 8ft Table
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  • Published: 7/5/2017 6:20:12 PM