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Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table - What do I have?

Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table - What do I have?

I'm looking into possibly restoring this piece and there's only a few clues as to what type of pool table this was but I'm not much of a history buff when it comes to pool tables. From the looks of it I believe it might be a Chicago Coin from the two black stripes on the side. It was originally purchased by my wife's great-grandfather but we don't have anything other than speculation on where it was bought from. I've looked for any clues on the inside for model numbers or markings but all I've got is the sticker that's torn off on the side. It takes two dimes to play if it's set for coin operation. If anyone would have any insight into this any information would be great that way I could start looking into parts for restoration.

Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table - What do I have?

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  1. GrinIVguest on 6/25/2010 3:28:16 PM

    I just picked up one of these machines also. It needs new felt. Other than that, it is in pretty good condition.

    Do you have any other information about these tables?

    (530) 521-1987

  2. GrinIVguest on 6/28/2010 9:20:50 PM

    There are 2 beautiful full size coin operating tables going up for Auction tomorrow! The Auction is Absolute and will be Sold to the highest bidder regardless of price! This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to get commercial tables in these condition! Go to apamiami com and go to the Auction or place an Absentee Bid! Or call 305-822-5000 and speak A .P.

  3. GrinIVbilliardsforum on 7/12/2010 11:15:50 AM

    Just posting the description of this coin-op bumper pool table as it was listed on eBay a while back. I want to preserve the info, since eBay listing expire and disappear after a while.

    This item is an electronic coin operated bumper pool table from the 1950's. It is complete and seems to be operating properly. The push chute accepts two dimes per play, but has been adjusted for free play. The silkscreened scoring glasses at either end of the table are in very nice condition. The bumpers light at different times and the scoring changes as the game advances. T are couple of loose light sockets and some of the bumpers are missing the large nut that secures them to the table. The nuts and new replacement bumpers are available from any pool table supply company or right on eBay. The game includes the balls and cues as pictured in the photos. T are two keyed locks for the top and one for the cash box. The game measures 35 x 59 inches and is 32 inches tall. Please reference item number 220405014854 for a similar vintage item. This item is available for pick up only. We will not pack or crate this item and shipping arrangements are solely the responsibility of the winning bidder. Payment through Paypal in advance or cash only at time of pick up. Please e-mail or call George at with any questions or to view in person. Thank you. The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

  4. GrinIVChuckD on 11/8/2011 11:28:39 PM

    I have one two. Any idea where I can get bumpers for it?

  5. GrinIVsteve0 on 8/7/2013 9:07:18 PM

    This is a Chicago Coin Brand, not sure the model. Let me know if you found bumpers?

  6. GrinIVguest on 10/5/2013 2:20:50 PM

    I also just picked up one of these and am in the process of refurbishing it.

    Here's another one that was available on ebay.


    The listing:

    1950's Chicago Coin Champion Bumper Pool Table Coin Operated With Balls & Cues

    This auction is for a vintage 1950's or 60's Chicago Coin Co Coin operated Bumper Pool game. This will need some work as shown but price reflects. This comes with all balls and both cues. I live 1 hour from Chicago or Milwaukee or will ship with your freight company.

    ...and the images:

  7. GrinIVguest on 10/28/2013 1:34:15 PM

    I just picked one of these bumper pool tables up myself. Pretty cool actually, the bumpers light up. I'm looking for any help on manuals, parts, etc. I'm wanting to get it back to original function. 314-602-4584. Thanks, Andy

  8. GrinIVRebeldave on 11/2/2013 3:30:15 PM

    I also have one of these tables and looking for more info. I know it is 1950's Champion 3 hole table by the Chicago Coin Machine Co. I got the lights working in the bumpers. I am missing the keys and coin mech. There is a serial # 3784 on one end of the table that matches a piece of paper stapled to the inside of the door of the coin box.

  9. GrinIVguest on 4/28/2014 9:59:57 AM

    Has anyone found any bumpers for Chicago Coin tables likes this. I am in the process of fixing one and need the rail cushions. One local guy told me that I wouldnt be able to find them so my next idea is to retrofit new rails. Anyone have success with either finding or retrofitting cushions?

  10. GrinIVguest on 8/4/2014 7:45:55 AM


    Here are bumpers that I believe will work. I ordered them and am praying they fit my table.

    I actually may have to replace the base and felt of the table. So, worse case scenario, I just have to drill a few new holes.

    I realize that the bar where this was originally at had painted the outside of my bumper pool table. It's a khaki color with red top. Was this a common table that they painted or was it sold this way?

  11. GrinIVChuckD on 8/4/2014 6:23:10 PM

    Wont work. Fits the holes perfect. lights go into the holes perfect. Too large of diameter on top . The ball wont fit to the center hole they are too tight for the ball on the other holes.

  12. GrinIVStacey Hardesty on 10/13/2014 10:02:55 AM

    I have one of these bumper pool tables, only it does not have bumpers. Until seeing this site I did not know that is what it was.

    Can you tell me what it is worth? I need to sell it and I have no idea.

  13. GrinIVDan S on 2/19/2016 8:32:29 AM

    I have this same pool table and I am going to restore it. I have most everything, I just need the correct image for the decals. Anyone have these already? Please advise.

  14. GrinIVgeorgek on 7/16/2017 10:36:55 AM

    Just picked this up myself , trying to get it put back together, any help for resources would be appreciated


  15. GrinIVuser1500953281 on 7/24/2017 11:28:03 PM

    I'm also trying to restore a Chicago Coin Bumper Pool Table but can't find replacement round bumpers. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! skhturbo@gmail.com

  16. GrinIVbilliardsforum on 11/17/2018 11:26:14 AM

    Here is a 1956 trade advert for Chicago Coin bumper pool tables. Thought I would share:


  17. GrinIVgeorgek on 12/21/2018 10:06:22 AM

    That's a pretty cool advertisement. I have one of these. It's the Clover model. The score lights up on each end of the table.

    I am still looking for someone who has information on parts for this model, or for someone who can work on them.


  18. GrinIVbilliardsforum on 12/21/2018 6:49:41 PM

    Yours looks to be in great shape!

  19. GrinIVgeorgek on 12/26/2018 4:27:55 PM

    It is, but it is missing some electrical connections, so I can't hook up lights.

  20. GrinIVuser1553276998 on 3/22/2019 10:49:59 AM

    I am looking for one white bumper post to replace a broken one on my bumper pool table. Does anyone have extras?

    It's for the "Clover" model. The ones on eBay are too big.

  21. GrinIVRobbie273 on 5/1/2019 7:37:06 PM

    Can someone explain the rules to the Chicago Coin Clover Pool game? How does it know what player is shooting?

  22. GrinIVuser1557233392 on 5/7/2019 5:49:53 AM

    I need posts for mine. Like one of the other people mentioned, the posts on eBay are to big. What a shame. The company that makes them must have made the smaller ones because they look identical other than the size!

  23. GrinIVuser1649247985 on 4/6/2022 5:26:25 AM

    I have one of these 1950s Chicago Coin Champion bumper pool tables.

    I know where to get the rail material. It is a 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch square that fits into the rail. Neoprene works great.

    I also need to re-felt mine. Does anybody know how to lift off the slate?

    I may have some extra posts available as well.

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Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table - What do I have?

  • Title: Coin Operated Bumper Pool Table - What do I have?
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/26/2010 5:52:58 PM