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Brunswick Monticello vs. Gold Crown Pool Table

Brunswick Monticello vs. Gold Crown Pool Table

Does anyone have any more info on this Brunswick Monticello pool table? If so, that would be great!

Brunswick Monticello pool table compare to a Brunswick Gold Crown pool table?

I've read that its a home-version of the Brunswick Gold Crown, but I know the base frame and legs are no where near those on a Brunswick GC pool table. Other than having 1 piece side rails, from the slate up, how does it compare to the Gold Crown?




Brunswick Monticello vs. Gold Crown Pool Table

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  1. Kgourleybilliardsforum on 6/15/2021 5:56:10 PM

    There are several "generations" of each of those models, and I am not sure which one you have there.

    In the 1974 Brunswick Billiards catalog they do a nice cut-away diagram showing the build construction of each model, though these are the 2nd generation of each (Monticello II, and Gold Crown II)

    The first and third generations would be more-or-less the same, and I could easily dig up specific specs on each generation if needed (though the "II" are the only ones they've ever pictured like this below in their catalogs, as far as I know).

    Hope this helps:



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Brunswick Monticello vs. Gold Crown Pool Table

  • Title: Brunswick Monticello vs. Gold Crown Pool Table
  • Author: (Kevin Gourley)
  • Published: 6/13/2021 4:01:15 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/15/2021 5:52:10 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)