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Brunswick Billiards Pool Table ID

Brunswick Billiards Pool Table ID

I would like to find out more information on, and identify, this Brunswick Billiards pool table.

The name plate says "Brunswick Billiards".



Brunswick Billiards Pool Table ID

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  1. Johnnysbilliardsforum on 1/6/2021 5:21:41 AM

    It appears to be a Brunswick Buckingham pool table, in "Black Marble". Made from 1979 to 1999.

    From the 1988 Brunswick Billiards catalog:

    Brunswick Billiards Buckingham Pool Table

    Year of Manufacture: From 1979 to 1999

    Brunswick’s Buckingham is an intelligent choice for excellent playability and maximum durability.

    The rails are solid wood with a burn, stain, and scratch-resistant over-laminate. This table also features burn, stain and scratch-resistant aprons and legs.

    Canvas-backed SUPER SPEED® cushions to assure true ball rebound and professional accuracy.

    Six cross support beams, two full-length side beams and a center beam assure lasting strength. All wood used in the construction of the Buckingham is kiln-dried to resist warping.

    Pearlized inlaid sights and two professional-style rail-mounted score counters are standard.

    The Buckingham is available in seven and eight foot models with automatic returns or in traditional pocket style.

    • Color Options: Oak, Black Marble; four rail corner options: Silver Vein, Black Crinkle, Silver Sparkle, Antique Gold Vein
    • Similar to: Highlander
    • Cushion Rubber: Superspeed
    • Replacement Parts Available: none
    • Rails: Burn, stain, and scratch-resistant rails are supported by and bolted through the slate for maximum rail rigidity.
    • Score Counters: Two sets of professional-style score counters are flush mounted in the rail.
    • Legs: Heavy-duty laminated legs have solid wood feet for maximum stability.
    • Construction: Laminated wood construction used for maximum strength. All wood is kiln-dried to resist warping.
    • Base frame: Base frame is composed of six cross support beams, two full-length side beams, and a center beam for lasting strength.
    • Aprons: Burn, stain, and scratch-resistant aprons for maximum durability.
    • Cushions: SUPER SPEED® canvas-backed cushions, the standard of the industry, assure maximum accuracy, true ball rebound and consistency.
    • Sights: Pearlized inlaid sights have a maximum tolerance of 30/1000 of an inch for accurate play.
    • Cloth: Cloth is optional; however, Brunswick recommends a professional blend of wool/nylon billiard cloth to assure excellent playability.
    • Pockets: All pocket openings are made to exacting industry standards.
    • Slate: Three-piece, precision ground slate provides a permanent level playing surface. Slate is precision-machined level to within 10/1000 of an inch and extends underneath the rails for consistent play.
    • Machine nuts and bolts are used for maximum stability.

    Sizes available:

    • 7 Foot options (38" x 76" Playfield)

      • Slate: 3 pc. 3/4" unframed or 3 pc. 1" framed
      • Length (in):87.375
      • Width (in):79.375
      • Weight (lbs):515
      • Leg Center Length (in):58.5
      • Leg Center Width (in):36.5
    • 8 Foot Home options (44" x 88" Playfield)

      • Slate: 3 pc. 3/4" unframed or 3 pc. 1" framed
      • Length (in): 99.375
      • Width (in):55.375
      • Weight (lbs):622
      • Leg Center Length (in):70.5
      • Leg Center Width (in):42.2



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Brunswick Billiards Pool Table ID

  • Title: Brunswick Billiards Pool Table ID
  • Author: (Jeff Dietz)
  • Published: 1/5/2021 4:56:06 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/7/2021 4:58:12 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)