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Antique Pool Table with Brunswick Balke Collender Monarch Cushions

Antique Pool Table with Brunswick Balke Collender Monarch Cushions

I have this antique pool table and wanted to know if anyone knows anything about it.

It looks similar to a Brunswick Regina pool table, or Medalist with flared legs, small inlay, and detailed trim.

It is a very basic pool table.

I would like to know the model name and it's approximate value.

It is in good, but used, condition. It needs new felt and the rubber bumpers are pretty hard.

It also needs several leather pockets too.





Antique Pool Table with Brunswick Balke Collender Monarch Cushions

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  1. Warren Stuckybilliardsforum on 10/3/2019 3:53:55 PM

    You have a Brunswick Harrison pool table.

    They were produced from 1931 -1933.

    Brunswick Harrison Pool Table


    Year of Manufacture: From 1931 To 1933

    Sizes available:

    • 8 Home (44" x 88" Playfield)
    • 9 Pro (50" x 100" Playfield)
    • 10 Foot (56" x 112" Playfield)

    Color Options:

    • Mahogany
    • Adam Brown

    Technical Information:

    • Design Patent No. 83983, April 21, 1931.
    • Harrison trade mark registered US Patent office No. 287,930, October 13, 1931.
    • Construction - Mahogany Adam Brown finish only. the sides and ends are of laminated construction faced with figured Mahogany veneer. The top molding, which furnishes the bearing surface for the slate, is solid lumber, 2 5/8" x 1 11/16". The legs are also built up of laminated construction and faced with mahogany veneer. The legs are mitered together at the corners, glued with solid maple tongue the entire length of the leg, and in addition, 12 glue blocks are glued into the corners of the legs. The sides are doweled and bolted into the leg. Th e mahogany veneer used on the frame and legs has the figure running vertical and the sides and legs are inlaid with fancy wood lines.
    • Slate Bed: The slate bed consists of three pieces of best quality slate, 1" thick, with all joints rigidly secured by steel dowels and brass sockets except the 4x8 size, which has plain slate. The rails are three ply construction consisting of three layers of wood of alternate grain glued together with the center ply being of hard maple. The tops of the rails re covered with a solid walnut cap. The rail facings are of the laminated construction and faced with mahogany veneer running horizontal.
    • Pocket Irons: The pocket irons are No. 6 style countersunk in the ends of the cushion rails by brass sockets and bolts.

    The table is fitted with the lightning tubular pocket ball return, the simplest, most efficient, convenient and satisfactory ball return arrangement on the market today. It speeds play because it eliminates the necessity of the players going from side to side and end to end of the table to remove balls which have been pocketed. Furthermore, it is economical, eliminating the use of pocket nets, with their necessary frequent repairs.

    It has no joints or corners to retard the speed of the balls on their way to the receiving box. The individual tubes, made of sound proof materials to eliminate noise, lead directly to the receiving box, and accelerate the speed of the balls. They are given a special waterproofing which makes them impervious to moisture and warping.

    The pitch and rounded surface of the tubes prevent foreign objects such as chalk, etc., from lodging therein and impeding the progress of the balls.

    The New York style ball receiver is used exclusively with the Lightning Tubular Ball Return. it is lined with a special material that makes it practically noise proof.

    A Brunswick Harrison pool table in similar condition was for sale by Jones Bros. Pool Tables in 2017 for $2500.


  2. Warren Stuckyjberry12 on 5/11/2020 8:57:46 PM

    I have a Brunswick Harrison pool table also. It does not have the ball return or lightning tubes. It does have the cut-outs under the main rails for them.

    I purchased mine from an antique dealer that I played pool with for $3200.

    I redid the rails myself and new felt for the play field. I took a lot of pictures of it when I moved last year and set it up in my rental. I'll see if I can grab a few of the pics.



  3. Warren Stuckyuser1629899436 on 8/25/2021 6:50:39 AM

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Antique Pool Table with Brunswick Balke Collender Monarch Cushions

  • Title: Antique Pool Table with Brunswick Balke Collender Monarch Cushions
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  • Published: 9/16/2019 2:00:21 PM
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