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Antique Billiard Table Identification

Antique Billiard Table Identification

I have an Antique pool table that I want to get restored but I am having trouble identifying it. Before I bought it the manufactures plate and the diamond inlays had been removed and the lower portion had been painted. It still has the cast iron retractable chalk holders at both ends of the table. Every piece of the table is stamped 8883 and the rails each have roman numerals 1-6 scratched on the underside.

I have spent countless hours searching online over the past few years and can't find another one like this. It is similar to some late 1800's to early 1900's Brunswick. One person said he'd seen a similar table made by National Billiards.

Any help in identifying it would be greatly appreciated.











Antique Billiard Table Identification

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  1. troyleeharrisbilliardsforum on 4/9/2018 6:02:12 AM

    I can see the spot where the name plate used to be. It's too bad if the name plate is gone.

    Unfortunately those numbers are not helpful in identifying the company that made the pool table. It's more like a serial number and each part would have been stamped so that assemblers could be sure they had the correct pieces. Most pool table makers of the day did it this way, so that technique doesn't narrow it down at all.

    Also, identification of this Antique pool table is made twice as difficult by the fact that the detail (if any) has been painted over by someone.

    Have you looked over the under-side of the pool table or have you had the pool table apart? More markings can be found underneath, and on various parts that you can't see when the table is assembled.

    I can tell you that the style of pockets isn't typical of a Brunswick Balke Collender design e.g. the brass/metal brackets attached to the top of the rails, etc. Also the most common way for rails to be attached on the old Brunswick pool tables was the use of bolts going through the sides of the rails (which were usually covered by some decorative bolt cover). Yours appear to be attached from underneath. Though you might find some antique Brunswick pool tables with these features, they certainly weren't common from them.

    Also, it is possible the retractable chalk holders were not part of the pool table originally. Possibly an accessory added post-purchase.

    I will continue to keep a look out for you and will let you know if I come across anything. Hopefully you'll do the same if you figure it out in the meanwhile.

  2. troyleeharrisuser1542846886 on 11/21/2018 4:34:47 PM

    Try Joe Newell out of Clay Center, KS. He is the Brunswick expert in the US and would know if they were involved. Search under billiard restoration.

    I have the same problem. My antique pool table is late 1800's French, but I too am stuck on the manufacturer. Any help anyone may have for me on my other post would be appreciated.

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Antique Billiard Table Identification

  • Title: Antique Billiard Table Identification
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  • Published: 4/7/2018 12:50:37 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/10/2018 5:28:05 AM
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