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Age of this All-Tech Pool Table

Age of this All-Tech Pool Table

I acquired an All Tech pool table a pool table which is 57" X 102" (which I believe we all call a 9 foot pool table). I got it from the "original" owner, whom wanted a tournament table for her area.

In transport from there to my home the legs broke (devastating moment). It took me several drawings and multiple measurements to design a great base for it. She had told me it had the original felt which I can believe due to the fibers and texture of the felt.

I am wanting to refurbish this table but there are a few things I want to know before I do.

  1. Date of manufacturing of the pool table
  2. Whether it was a one-piece or two-piece slate pool table (without taking felt off since it is still in good shape for the age I have been told)
  3. Was it a 25-cent or 50 cent pool table? The coin-op mechanism is gone which I will replace with the correct one.
  4. Are the rails for this age of a table still available today? The are not dead but don't have good bounce any more.

With the patent number and name of manufacturer I have only found one picture that is 99.9% sure it is the same one I have. The other ones just have small differences. The article I found was published in 1968 bye Billboard magazine in their "coin machine news". The title of it is "All-tech expansion marks leisure time product success" bye Ron Schlachter. The picture is in black and white but the nuances of the table are spot on from the legs ball return viewing glass and other parts in the picture. As the article states details that one is called the "diplomat" yet I have found nothing online about pool tables by ATI that is my table.

The patent number for the coin op is on a nailed plaque which is found on the ball return insides. It also has 2 hand written numbers on underside one is #1674 the other is D 8 1674. I can not find a serial number any where either. I am in love with my first and hope only table I will ever own.

I had quit playing billiards in 1998 per every day play to once a month to few times a year to none at all due to becoming a father. I still own my old pool cues and have started to play again 5 years ago. Now it is something important in my life like it was over 18 years ago.

Age of this All-Tech Pool Table

Replies & Comments

  1. Redbilliardsforum on 7/6/2016 4:34:42 PM

    I don't have the exact info you need, but might have a bit of info to help you in the right direction regarding your All-Tech pool table.

    1. If you try searching for "ATI" pool tables (all tech industries) you might turn up more
    2. Here are two other flyers from the same era as the article you mentioned. Those are attached below. I also took a capture of the article you mentioned for the benefit of others looking here.

    Hope this helps...

  2. Reduser1542394438 on 11/16/2018 6:53:59 PM

    This is my All-tech / ATI pool table. Any ideas on the model?


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Age of this All-Tech Pool Table

  • Title: Age of this All-Tech Pool Table
  • Author: (Ross Milne)
  • Published: 6/30/2016 5:58:14 AM