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9-Foot 1940 A. E. Schmidt Snooker Table

9-Foot 1940 A. E. Schmidt Snooker Table

I recently purchased a 9' A. E. Schmidt snooker table. It has serial number 04013 on most of the pieces.

I contacted the company and they said it was the 118th table they built in 1940 (I think they thought the 3 was an 8) so it's probable the 113th table.

I'm curious if anyone would know or have and estimate on how rare this is? Did company's make a lot of 9-foot snooker tables in the 1940s, or was it maybe a special order?

The rails, slate, and boards are all stamped with the same serial number, and it is certainly a snooker table, from the rails, to the slate, the markings on the rails, pockets, etc...

Thanks for any input.











9-Foot 1940 A. E. Schmidt Snooker Table

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  1. RhaymesRayMills on 6/10/2021 11:04:24 PM

    I've never noticed a table with only one marker on each rail. Is that common for snooker tables, now and/or in the past?

  2. RhaymesRhaymes on 6/11/2021 4:31:42 AM

    Ray, I honestly have no idea.

    I haven't been able to find any other examples with only one dot, and as you can see from the pictures they are at different lengths from each end of the snooker table. The head end is about 19-20 inches from the center of the pocket, the other end is around 24-25 inches. These dots are inlaid into the wood too, so I don't believe they were added later, they had to be original.

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9-Foot 1940 A. E. Schmidt Snooker Table

  • Title: 9-Foot 1940 A. E. Schmidt Snooker Table
  • Author: (Robert Haymes)
  • Published: 6/10/2021 1:54:19 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/15/2021 2:54:57 AM
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