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5x10 Brunswick Balke Collender Snooker Table R4053

5x10 Brunswick Balke Collender Snooker Table R4053

I have a Brunswick Balke Collender, Monarch snooker table model #R4053 in mint condition.

What year was this Brunswick snooker table from? The 1930s?



5x10 Brunswick Balke Collender Snooker Table R4053

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  1. Ron Holubbilliardsforum on 1/4/2020 4:43:56 AM

    I suspect that R4053 is a serial number or a part-matching number, and not the model name. With Brunswick pool tables, serial numbers can't be used to look up the table (lost records, yadda yadda).

    I can usually pinpoint models and years for Brunswick Balke Collender snooker tables, but to do so, I'll need to see photos. Please send some of the sides and the legs. Upload some clear photos of all angles of the snooker table and I will take a look. I need to see the sides and the legs, but I am confident that I can pinpoint the model name of your snooker table.

    I've got it narrowed down to a few models, I just need to see the rest to confirm.

  2. Ron HolubRon Holub on 1/14/2020 10:31:03 PM

    Any new info on my Brunswick snooker table?

    Here are the pictures of the Brunswick-Balke Collender snooker table you asked for:





  3. Ron Holubbilliardsforum on 1/15/2020 2:49:42 PM

    It's most likely a 10-foot Brunswick 20th Century snooker table.

    Brunswick Twentieth Century pool tables were made from 1937 to 1950.


    Here are the details from the brochures, catalogs, and service manuals:

    Brunswick Twentieth Century Pool Table

    The Brunswick 20th Century table. The most modern, inexpensive regulation table ever sold by Brunswick. Smart appearance is combined with sturdiness by use of laminated construction and rich walnut veneers. Pocket openings are trimmed with rubber strip used at base of legs as protections against pocket balls and mopping and also adds to appearance and durability.

    The Brunswick 20th Century meets the most exacting demands of owners and players alike for a superb medium priced table. Modern in design, rich in colorful beauty, rigid as a sturdy oak and just as solid. Truly a "profit building" table in any billiard room. Beautifully finished in specially selected American Ribbon Walnut Veneers, which, with Brunswick master craftsmanship, assures a most beautiful appearance combined with the fullest amount of practical utility and long service.

    • Year of ManufactureFrom 1937 To 1950
    • Size options:
      • 8 Home options - 44" x 88" Playfield - Slate: 3 pc. 1" unframed
      • 9 Pro options - 50" x 100" Playfield - Slate: 3 pc. 1" unframed
      • 10 Foot options - 56" x 112" Playfield - Slate: 3 pc. 1" unframed
      • 12 Foot options - 70" x 140" Playfield - Slate: 3 pc. 1" unframed
    • Features:
      • Finish: Veneered Ribbon Walnut
      • Rails: Rosewood or Walnut Caps
      • Aprons: Veneered Ribbon Walnut with walnut molding.
      • Slate: 3 piece, 1" thick.
      • Irons: Number 5, 6 or 7 style.
      • Leathers: Maroon.
      • Pockets: Worsted or regular longfellow.
      • Shields: Chrome plated with maroon trim.
      • Legs: Veneered ribbon walnut with rounded outside corners, chrome plated kickplate with maroon trim.
      • Ball rack: Recessed in foot end apron; 16 ball capacity.
    • Matching Accessories for the 20th Century table:
    • Recessed Table Ball Rack: Built in as an integral part of the 20th Century Table. Open face is flush with the rail apron. Holds 16 regulation pocket balls in four compartments, perfectly grooved to give fingertip ease and efficiency. Optional on any pocket, gulley or snooker table.
    • 20th Century Wall Ball Rack: Carries the distinctive 20th Century features in design. Made of selected hardwood and finished to match table. Four sturdy racks and bottom section perfectly grooved. Silver band on top and bottom sections.
    • 20th Century Cue Rack: Selected hardwood construction, finished in "matching" walnut. Silver band on top and bottom. Style and appearance in perfect harmony with 20th Century ensemble. Five pieces, easy to assemble.
    • 20th Century Snooker Score Boards: Solid hardwood, walnut finish matching table with chrome plated score sheet holder. Same design and sturdy construction as table.
    • The Brunswick 20th Century, No. 241. A table unrivaled for dignity of design, in beautifully veneered Ribbon Walnut. Ideally adapted to a wide variety of rooms. It is winning preference everywhere. Rosewood rail caps available.
    • Offered in 4x8, 4 1/2 x 9 and 5 x 10 sizes in carom, pocket and gully styles. Also in 4 1/2 x 9, 5 x 10 and 6 x 12 sizes for snooker. Matching cue rack, wall ball rack, snooker score board, recessed ball rack optional.

    The Brunswick 20th Century pool table is the most modern, inexpensive regulation table ever sold by Brunswick; smart appearance is combined with sturdiness by use of laminated construction and rich Walnut veneers. Pocket openings are trimmed with rubber strip used at base of legs as protection against pocket balls and mopping; also adds to appearance and durability.

  4. Ron HolubRon Holub on 1/20/2020 12:45:42 PM

    Thank you! Mine is the Brunswick 20th Century 5' X 10' Snooker table (probably from around 1937).

    It was modified in the past. The recessed ball storage was removed from the pool table and it was converted to leather drop-pockets to hold the pocketed balls (it originally had a ball return system).

    I formerly shot on this snooker table back in early 1960s when it was located in Business Man's pool hall, owned by Willard Clifton in downtown Waco, TX.

    There must be some wealthy Hollywood star who is a snooker enthusiast that would buy this snooker table (even though it’s not up for sale).

    It is in perfect condition and in pristine shape. It is IMMACULATE!

  5. Ron Holubuser1614619611 on 3/1/2021 9:26:52 AM

    This is interesting looking pool table in a few ways. The corner pockets have the chrome covers, but the side pockets do not.

    Note that in the drawing the bottom of the legs have two strips of chrome, but this one has one thick piece.

    I have a very similar table. It’s definitely a 20th Century model. The rails are off the table to have new rubber put on, and the cloth is off to be replaced with new. I had to recondition the leather pockets. The leather was rock hard and looked like it would crack. I also retained the visible leather on the pockets as the color had worn off.

    I’m going to look at the chrome next.

    Were they really chrome coated metal? Would an automobile chrome cleaner work on these?

    Is there a way to determine the year?

    Here are the pictures. Mine is strange for sure! I didn't have the rounded legs! Also, I don’t know what the black piece is on bottoms of the legs. Could someone have painted the chrome black?

    Maybe square legs were an option somewhere in all the years of production?





  6. Ron Holubbilliardsforum on 3/1/2021 3:15:23 PM

    We can't see the rest of the pool table so we have no idea what we're looking at.

    How have you come to believe it is definitely a Brunswick 20th Century pool table model?

    You can dig through the Brunswick Billiards archives and get all of the technical info for their pool tables. It'll tell you all of the optional features and styles of various parts which one could specify.

    You don't mention whether you/your family are original owners, nor where you acquired the pool table.

    It could be a Frankenstein build - that is - built from parts that came from various models. This was quite common.

    Those black trim pieces at the bottom of the legs don't match the style of the metallic trim commonly seen on the 21st century pool table legs. I often see folks adding custom trim to hide damaged leg bottoms (e.g. water damage from mops, other abuse).

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5x10 Brunswick Balke Collender Snooker Table R4053

  • Title: 5x10 Brunswick Balke Collender Snooker Table R4053
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  • Published: 11/4/2019 2:58:13 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/15/2020 2:37:09 PM
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