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1948 BCA 8-Ball Rules

The following rules were taken from the 1948 BCA Rule Book. Originally posted online in circa 1999 by Jim Barr of the Players Pool League of Kansas City, MO. We also have the Current 8 Ball Rules.

The Game: The game is played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls; numbered from 1 to 15. Balls are racked at the foot spot, with 8-ball in center of triangle.

One Player or side must pocket balls numbered from 1 to 7 or from 9 to 15. Opponent pockets group of balls not selected by player with original choice. For example, if the player with the first choice chooses to score balls from 1 to 7, the opponent must pocket balls from 9 to 15.

Player or side pocketing numerical group first and then legally pocketing 8-ball wins the game.

Break: Order of play can be determined by lagging or lot. Starting player is not compelled to make a choice on opening shot, nor must he call his shot on the break. If opening player pockets one or more balls on the break he has his choice of the high or low group. If the breaker fails to pocket a ball on the break, the incoming player accepts balls in position and has his choice of the high or low balls.

Scoring: The striker is entitled to all balls legally pocketed, unless he pockets a ball belonging to his opponent, in which case, the opponent is credited with that ball. If player pockets only an opponent's ball and none of his own group, it is a miss.

Combination shots are allowed at times, except in an attempt to pocket the 8-ball. Player may play combination off opponent's ball.

The rules of Eight Ball specify that the player pocketing the high numerical group of balls must pocket the 15-ball in the left side pocket, that is, in the side pocket to his left as he stands at the head of the table facing the foot of the table.

The player scoring the low numbered balls must pocket the 1-ball in the right side pocket. If the 1- and 15-balls are not placed in these pockets as required by the rules, they are spotted and respotted until the player is successful in accomplishing this purpose.

After a player has pocketed all the balls in his numerical group, he shoots to pocket the 8-ball, calling his shot. If shooting directly at the 8-ball (not banking), the player must pocket that ball or cause the 8-ball or the cue ball to contact a cushion.

Loss of Game: If the player, shooting directly at the 8-ball, fails to cause the cue ball to go to a cushion after hitting 8-ball, or the 8-ball to contact a cushion, he loses the game. If banking 8-ball, players must hit the 8-ball. If a player accidentally pockets the 8-ball before he pockets all the balls of his numerical group, he loses the game.

When playing for the 8-ball, player must hit that ball first. If he pockets the 8-ball on a combination, he loses the game. If he fails to hit 8-ball on bank, he loses game.

Since a player is required to call his shot when playing for the 8-ball, he loses the game if the 8-ball drops into a pocket not designated on the call.

When player is shooting to make the 8-ball, he loses the game if cue ball scratches in pocket.

Within the String: When player has cue ball in hand and object balls rest within the head string, the object ball nearest to the string is spotted on the foot spot. The same is done when the 8-ball is the object ball and lies within the head string and the player has the cue ball in hand.

1948 BCA 8-Ball Rules

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1948 BCA 8-Ball Rules History

This is an exact transcription of the 1948 BCA 8-Ball rules, as published in the Billiard Congress Of America Official Rule Book dated 1948.

The official 1948 BCA 8-Ball Rules are predominently observed in United States.

The official governing body for 1948 BCA 8-Ball Rules is the Billiard Congress of America.

How to Play 1948 BCA 8-Ball

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1948 BCA 8-Ball Rules

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