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Sinking Your Own Ball And Opponents Ball

Sinking Your Own Ball And Opponents Ball

If I am the current shooting player, shoot for my own called ball, sink it in the intended pocket, but also sink my opponents ball, what happens here?

Also, does it matter if I sink the opponent's ball before pocketing my own called ball, or after pocketing it? Or is it all the same?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Sinking Your Own Ball And Opponents Ball

Replies & Comments

  1. cuebaldbilliardsforum on 10/22/2006 3:00:36 AM

    As far as general rules state, your inning would continue, and no balls would be spotted. This, however, would be overridden if you are playing any other game where those specific game rules specified otherwise.

    Another note - there are many billiard clubs that have house rules on this, so you'd be wise to learn any house rules before playing with one assumption or another.

  2. cuebaldmdungelman on 10/29/2006 11:47:41 AM

    Another thing, just to make yourself look good, call their ball in too! I agree with @billiardsforum. As long as you make contact with your ball first then you're all set most of the time. Just depends what the rules are (i.e. call-it-all/bar rules, BCA, ACS, APA). What I mean about the rules is how the object ball gets to the pocket. Each set of rules differs. If you make theirs and follow it in with yours (and you called that pocket) then good for you. Keep on shootin'. Game on!

  3. cuebaldcuebald on 5/23/2007 4:29:09 PM

    Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate the input, and this cleared up a contention my buddy and I had.

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Sinking Your Own Ball And Opponents Ball

  • Title: Sinking Your Own Ball And Opponents Ball
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/22/2006 2:51:16 AM