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What is a Masse Shot

What is a Masse Shot

It has been said that a masse shot is an understanding of spinning a ball on an axis other than the one the object is traveling. The most common way of using masse is when a ball is in direct line with the desired shot thus the ball becomes an obstacle. I find this to be as often as 1 in 20 games. This type of shot sometimes is a much better option over the jump and with the correct type of practice can be just as accurate. I hope that during this read I can bring some of my methods out in pen.

The first thing to consider is the positive outcomes of the shot. Next consider whether to try and hit the ball directly or at a masse/kick. Remember that choosing to masse into a kick usually creates a much larger target and is sometimes a good way to play safe.

When shooting around a ball to hit a ball it is usually best to masse as soft as possible. During practice try to stay with a very small arch as this also creates a much larger target. Practice along the rail as this is usually the best type of shot for a masse.

When the object ball is in the center of the table try something besides masse. See if there is a way to use the excess spin to your advantage like it will create a very strong safe or create a hanger. If in doubt about your success choose another path to the ball. Masse is about accuracy and availability not whims and hunches.

Masse can be used for throwing combos further than you are used to seeing but, this is a long study and one that may be best left unstudied. In practice study one speed of stroke and change the angle of the cue and the contact point of the tip on impact with the white ball notice all the different curves and try and remember them. This will be the most helpful of all your masse know how.

Also very important is the ease the tip has of going though the cue ball and at all speeds you must be thorough with your strike on the cue ball no matter how soft the hit is intended to be. It must be very direct and confident or it will not take the spin and the ball will just curve not masse. I don't think that any masse shot is not possible and if you truly believe in your shots you increase your odds in making it by a hundred fold.

What is a Masse Shot

  • Title: What is a Masse Shot
  • Author: (Jamison Neu)
  • Published: 6/1/2008 10:07:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/2/2008 10:07:00 PM
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What is a Masse Shot

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