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Taking Pool Playing Lessons

Taking Pool Playing Lessons

One reader responded to our billiard and pool playing tips with one word of advice: Lessons. He writes:

Lessons. Take professional lessons. Find a certified instructor and get to the next level. I was making the same mistakes over and over. I took a few lessons and increased my runs substantially. Pool is a lifetime of fun. Learn to play it right. You'll enjoy it more.

Taking Pool Playing Lessons

  • Title: Taking Pool Playing Lessons
  • Author: (Frank G)
  • Published: 9/13/2008 11:14:00 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/14/2008 11:14:00 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)
  • Source: From the "We Want Your Billiard Tips" contest.

Taking Pool Playing Lessons

The Taking Pool Playing Lessons article belongs to the Miscellaneous Pool Playing Tips category. Lists the pool playing tips and billiard tips that don't fit neatly in any of the other pool playing tips categories.

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