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Billiards Circle Drill

Billiards Circle Drill

The circle billiards drill originated from the 1950's National Billiard Champion Bud Harris. The billiard circle drill is also known as the center ring drill or the circle pacing drill.

In short, the object of the circle billiard drill is to make all of the balls which form the circle while keeping the cue ball within the circle at all times.


To set up for the billiard circle drill, you place all 15 object balls in a circle in the center of the pool table as follows:

Center ring drill aka circle drill billiard drill

Billiards circle drill

You can set up the circle anywhere on the pool table.

Circle billiard drill

The larger the circle, the easier the drill becomes. Try making the circle smaller as your skill improves.

How to Do the Circle Billiard Drill

To perform the billiards circle drill, you can start with cue ball in hand from anywhere inside of the circle.

You are allowed to pocket the balls in any order and into any pocket.

You are not allowed to hit any other balls other than the one you are shooting at, and you are not allowed to use the rails. You must keep the cue ball within the circle at all times. (hence the challenge.)

As mentioned earlier, you can make this exercise harder by decreasing the size of the circle.

This billiard drill will help you improve your shot selection, your draw shots, and your cue ball positioning skills. It will also give you good practice for bridging over other object balls.

There are a few targets:

  • Beginner - Pocket 4 balls successfully before failing
  • Medium - Pocket 7 balls successfully before failing
  • Advanced - Pocket 10 balls successfully before failing
  • Professional - Pocket all 15 balls

Also, when you master the circle drill as described above you can try altering the rules e.g. pocketing the balls in order, etc.

Billiard Circle Drill Videos

Here are a couple of videos of the circle drill.

Billiards Circle Drill

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Billiards Circle Drill

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