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Billiard Stun Stroke Stop Shot Tips

This billiard stun shot tutorial looks at two types of stun shots. The straight-on stun shot and the stun shot from an angle.

Billiard Stun Stroke Stop Shot Tips

Once your fundamentals are correct and you are shooting with a straight and level cue, you need to master the stun stroke. This shot is the most important shot because it gives you a reference for cue ball positioning.

Here is a reminder on where to hit the cue ball for a stun shot:

Where to hit the cue ball for a stun shot

You ideally want no english, and no forward or back spin for a stun shot. You want to "slide" the cue ball into the object ball. You are using the absolute minimal amount of draw by striking the cue ball just below center (a center hit with no english would produce a "stop shot").

Straight-In Stun Shot

When you hit a stun stroke on a straight-in shot, it will produce a "stop shot." In other words, the ball stops as soon as it makes contact with the object ball. Factors that influence this are a blend of the following;

  • cue tip location
  • force
  • follow through
  • quickness (the amount of time it takes the cue tip to accelerate through the ball)

There are an infinite number of blends of these variables that produce a stop shot. For example, you can use 4" of follow through with a small force OR only 1" of follow through with a large force to produce a stop shot.

Play with these variables until you can manipulate each one and still get the same cue ball position. Measure your follow through by placing a ruler beside your cue tip. Then, vary the distance between the balls.

Once you've mastered a stop shot with 1 diamond or 12" of distance, keep increasing it by another 12". The more distance you have, the more forward rotation or "high english" the ball picks up before it strikes the object ball. So the greater the distance, the lower you must hit the cue ball to produce a stun/stop shot.

Stun Shot at an Angle

Once again, place the object ball 12" away from the cue ball. But this time, put the cue ball at a 30 degree angle, so that you are aiming at half the ball to pocket it. Use the same stun stroke, and the cue ball will travel straight down the "tangent line." This is the line that is perpendicular to the object ball at 90 degrees. The harder or quicker you hit the ball, the further it will travel down the line.

This is the first step in predicting cue ball position.

It is recommended that you do not move on to the next article until you are comfortable shooting Straight-In Stun Shots and Stun Strokes at an Angle at different distances. Be able to alter the variables (cue tip location, force and quickness) and get the same cue ball position.

Billiard Stun Stroke Stop Shot Tips

  • Title: Billiard Stun Stroke Stop Shot Tips
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 5/25/2008 2:53:00 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/20/2016 9:19:08 AM
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Billiard Stun Stroke Stop Shot Tips

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