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Rocky Lane Worlds Fastest Jump Shooter

Rocky Lane Worlds Fastest Jump Shooter

I keep getting emails from Rocky Lane about some record that he sets or breaks, or some amazing tournament that he has won. The newest one was no exception.

Rocky set a world record on October 25, 2005, which has not been defeated for over three years, despite a number of attempts.

Although the record itself is not new, it's induction in to the world records book of 2008 as the "fastest jump shooter" is. The book will be available in March of 2008.

His record stands as follows:

Rocky Lane set a World Record in Billiards, by jump shooting and clearing all 15 Balls off the Pool table within 14.16 seconds. This world record remains undefeated, to date, and Rocky is still considered the fastest undefeated Jump Shooter in Billiards, throughout the world.

Here is some video about his new record, titled "Jump Shot World Record by Rocky Lane".

Rocky Lane Worlds Fastest Jump Shooter

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Rocky Lane Worlds Fastest Jump Shooter

  • Title: Rocky Lane Worlds Fastest Jump Shooter
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 12/8/2007 10:41:41 AM