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Frank Bitterman from LBCC, Albany OR 1977

Frank Bitterman from LBCC, Albany OR 1977

I am looking for a pool player named Frank Bitterman from LBCC in Albany Oregon in 1977.

Anyone hear of him or know of his whereabouts these days?

Frank Bitterman from LBCC, Albany OR 1977

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  1. Rich Tannersbn on 10/2/2012 3:06:41 PM

    Dear Mr. Tanner:

    If the Frank Bitterman you were seeking was a ferocious Nine Ball player and former barefoot track runner, then I know who you are talking about. My name is Scott Nilsson - I am Frank's nephew and live in Atlanta, GA.

    Frank Bitterman II Conyers, GA

    I was gathering information online and Google showed me your post.

    I am very sorry to share the news that Frank passed away this afternoon - Godspeed. I'm very sorry the circumstances didn't allow us to connect Frank to you while he was still with us. He would not have seen your post, as he didn't use a computer. Frank moved here to Atlanta, GA about 25 years ago, and was sharing a home with his girlfriend in Rockdale County, GA which east of Atlanta, near Conyers, GA.

    I am gathering information on Frank to share with family and friends, and would love to share any remembrances you, or any of Frank's friends there would like to share, and I'll be happy to share what we gather with you. If you would like, I can also put you in touch with Frank's sister, Rosemary, and/or his brother, John. Not sure if you knew them as well.

    I wish I had better news to share, but I thought you would want to know.

    Wishing you a safe year.

    Warmest regards,
    Scott Nilsson

    Atlanta, GA
    (404) 261-4326

  2. Rich Tannersammy_knowles on 10/3/2012 11:52:00 PM

    I saw that you were looking for a Frank Bitterman from OR. I am 90% sure that the Frank he is looking for died in a fire in Conyers, GA on Tuesday. I was trying to email you but not sure of your info.


  3. Rich Tannersbn on 10/11/2012 10:07:21 PM

    Here is his obituary:

    FRANK JAMES BITTERMAN, II, 68, of Conyers, GA., perished Oct. 2, 2012, in a house fire. Born in Bremerton, he grew up in Norfolk, Va. and Corvallis, Oregon, where his parents, Frank and Mary Bitterman, had retired. At Corvallis High School, Frank was captain of the cross country track team, intimidating competitors and stunning the crowd by competing - and winning - barefooted. In his youth, he worked as a railroad gandy dancer, repairing steel track. During the Vietnam war, he served as a seaman in the U.S. Navy. He later worked as a painting contractor.

    While studying metallurgy at Linn Benton Community College, Frank played an instrumental role in the addition of pool and billiards into the Oregon higher education curriculum. In the late 1970s, he was a finalist in the ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Championships, ranking in the top tier of 9-Ball players in the United States. A Georgia resident for nearly three decades, Frank once held the Atlanta 9-Ball Championship title and trophy. A student of karate, a fisherman and an avid card player, Bitterman won numerous tournaments in Contract Bridge and Texas Hold 'Em Poker - and restored classic Chevrolet Camaros during his years in Atlanta.

    Frank is survived by his sister, Rosemary Schriver, of Waynesboro, Va.; his brother, John Bitterman Barricks, of Costa Rica; and several nieces and nephews.

  4. Rich TannerRich Tanner on 6/1/2018 1:13:06 PM

    Dear Mr. Scott Nilsson,

    I found out Frank died a few years ago and I was devastated to the point that all I could do is find a web-site that had a memorial on it about Frank and after that, I didn't even search for his name again until today, June 1 2018.

    As a kid, I learned a little about playing pool, but when I got to college at LBCC I found out about Frank' course in scientific methods to pool. I actually still have the binder of materials he handed out to his many students. I still use his material to help other people how to play better.

    I recall visiting Frank' house one day, we were talking about all sorts of stuff and we were watching the movie "10" with Bo Derek on his TV. I think that was 1977.

    Frank' class was a revelation to me in many ways and had a huge impact not only in how I play pool, but how I think about applied science, how to truly focus on a task screening out all distractions, patience, carefully examining any situation from all angles and many other skills I carried into my working life.

    His class also carried into my personal life and what Frank taught me about pool provided me with a way to interact with people, especially women, in a way that was utterly innocent and yet still allowed me enough time and conversation with people to begin friendships and even relationships. The pool skills he taught me allowed me to show off a little without looking like I was showing off.

    My first date with my wife was over a pool table at a pool hall that Frank told me about here in the SF bay area called "California Billiards" on Steven Creek Blvd. We have spent a great many hours playing pool over the years since.

    Frank was the person who introduced me to Meucci pool cues. He was selling them to order from the factory. I could only afford an MO-2, but I always wished I could have afforded the same model that Franks owned, an MO-7. It was beautiful and now that I have a bit more money, I've been trying for years to find one to buy and remember Frank by.

    I had fully intended to continue his class at LBCC after I graduated, but my mother needed me to go out in the world and make a good living and send money home to support my baby brother and the real money in my occupation is here in Silicon Valley. I only got to talk with him a few times after that and when I came back to visit years later, LBCC said he was no longer teaching there and didn't have a way for me to contact him.

    I never met any of Frank's family, but I would be happy to know they would be aware of how much Frank meant to people who took his classes.

    Thanks for your post,
    Rich Tanner
    Mountain View, CA.

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Frank Bitterman from LBCC, Albany OR 1977

  • Title: Frank Bitterman from LBCC, Albany OR 1977
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