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Tim Scruggs Cue Wanted

Tim Scruggs Cue Wanted

Tim Scruggs Cue Wanted

I am looking for a Tim Scruggs cue with a Tim Scruggs logo as shown in the photo below.


Tim Scruggs Cue Wanted

Replies & Comments

  1. user1537728846elh3fe on 2/15/2019 8:00:17 PM

    Hey I have the exact cue in your picture. My phone number is 304-616-6227. Call or text me if you have any interest in it. Even if you don't, I have some questions about the cue so contact me if you see this and have any info.

  2. user1537728846TCummings on 3/3/2019 8:37:42 AM

    I saw your ad for Tim Scruggs Cue wanted, and I have a friend who has one for sale, an elderly gentleman that does not post.

    I have attached some pictures, not very good - cheap camera, and here is a brief description:

    • 4 Ebony Points on Birdseye Maple
    • 4 veneers on points - light green/med green/dark green/black
    • White spears (natural) in points w/green burl diamond in spears
    • 8 White inlays (natural) in butt sleeve with green burl in inlays

    The cue is located in Sacramento, Ca.

    If you have an interest in this cue give me a call and I will put you in contact with the owner.

    Tim Cummings
    (530) 820-3942





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Tim Scruggs Cue Wanted

  • Title: Tim Scruggs Cue Wanted
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/23/2018 6:54:06 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/26/2018 2:20:55 PM
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