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Palmer Cues Wanted

Palmer Cues Wanted

Wanted - Palmer Cues - Dead, Alive, or barely breathing.

I am a collector not a dealer, an end-user looking for cues from the first, second, and third catalogs. I will consider anything from perfect original to banged-up user to broken/damaged for parts.

If you have a damaged Palmer, please don't trash it, it can either be restored and if not able to be saved, the parts can be used to save another Palmer.

I am interested in Palmers regardless of condition, as well as parts if you have anything.

Not all Palmers carry identification. If you are unsure whether or not your cue is a Palmer, I can identify it from a picture.

If you have a Palmer for sale or have a lead on one, send me a PM.

Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for your leads.


Palmer Cues Wanted

Replies & Comments

  1. Type79user1523547934 on 4/12/2018 11:51:44 AM

    I have a Titleist palmer! If you are interested let me know it's in almost mint condition. Can send you pics.

  2. Type79Type79 on 4/12/2018 6:53:58 PM

    Can you post pics somewhere?

  3. Type79Type79 on 12/18/2018 7:27:02 AM

    I am always looking for interesting Palmer or Paradise cues.

  4. Type79user1550320264 on 2/16/2019 4:31:04 AM

    I have a couple of Palmer cues.

    One is a Palmer Model M but it is kinda rough. I have another which I have not been able to identify but is in really really nice shape. I might have one or two more in storage as well.

    I'll upload some photos as soon as I have some time this evening.

    Let me know if you are interested in them!

  5. Type79Type79 on 2/16/2019 7:33:58 AM

    Thanks for responding. I look forward to seeing pictures of your cues.

  6. Type79user1556161974 on 4/24/2019 8:32:51 PM

    I have a bunch of old Palmer cues and Pete Margo cues. Send me a message and I can send you some pics.

    I just posted 2 Palmer cues and a bunch of Pete Margo cues for sale in the "for sale" section. Overall probably have about 10 palmers.

    Second photo is a pile of my other Palmer cues.



  7. Type79Type79 on 4/25/2019 4:40:13 AM

    Thanks for posting those pictures. The Bullet cues look nice but I only collect the earlier cues. You might do well by listing those for sale on eBay.

  8. Type79user1556161974 on 4/25/2019 11:17:17 PM

    Understandable, thought you might be interested in my #9 catalog 1 or my #7 catalog 3, which were pictured with the bullets.

    I have a good friend with many old custom Palmer cues, Doc Fry cues, and Frank Paradise cues as well.

  9. Type79Type79 on 4/26/2019 3:20:43 AM

    Palmer Model 9? I own a First Catalog Palmer Model 9, but I don’t see one in your photos. The cue to the far right with the Bullet cues is a Third Catalog Model 8.

    If your friend wants to sell any of his cues, I would be interested in seeing some pics.

  10. Type79user1556283160 on 4/26/2019 5:52:41 AM

    I have my original Palmer 2nd catalog model E cue that I ordered new from Palmer in 1975. It has an extra shaft which I had made by Bill Schick when I lived in Shreveport and a beautiful replacement shaft using the original joint made by a master cue maker in my area.

    Sale includes an embossed Palmer cue case.

    $750, must go today! More pics on request.


  11. Type79user1547439908 on 4/30/2019 11:42:45 AM

    I have a bullet M1 cue in good condition if anyone is interested.

    I am not sure about it's weight. It has a few small nicks, but is otherwise in nice condition. I got it from a long time pool player here in Dallas who got it many years ago. I assume it is the original shaft. It has a wood-to-wood joint.

    20190428_152107.jpg 20190428_152000.jpg

  12. Type79Type79 on 4/30/2019 11:53:54 AM

    Just a bit of advice for sellers:

    When offering your cue(s) for sale, it is to your advantage to include the price as well as information on condition.

    • How it rolls together and apart,
    • Dents, dings, cracks, other damage,
    • Non-original shaft(s).

    Specs aren't quite as important on vintage cues as they are on contemporary cues but the weight is important to many players.

  13. Type79user1560007759 on 6/8/2019 8:29:20 AM

    I am looking for an identification of a palmer cue.

    If you are interested make an offer. You can contact me at t.tw@verizon.net

  14. Type79Type79 on 6/8/2019 11:02:01 AM

    Your cue is a Model A Palmer. You can see a few of the Model As from my collection in another post on this site. I sent you an email regarding your interest in selling.

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Palmer Cues Wanted

  • Title: Palmer Cues Wanted
  • Author: (Jay Fishbein)
  • Published: 4/1/2018 1:40:50 PM