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Myron Yoshizawa Custom Cue Carbon Shaft

Myron Yoshizawa Custom Cue Carbon Shaft




Myron Yoshizawa Custom Cue Carbon Shaft

Replies & Comments

  1. livio820livio820 on 6/16/2022 7:11:08 PM

    Myron Yoshizawa Custom Pool Cue

    Purple Heart points with fancy ring on the butt sleeve

    3/8x10 joint screw

    Maple shaft, 12.6 mm, medium layered tip

    Carbon Shaft, 12.4 mm, medium layered tip

    Just about 20 oz with either shaft

    This custom Myron Yoshizawa is at least 30 years old plus. Was bought from the original owner who bought it directly from Myron. Cue is dead straight with the maple shaft and 8.5 out of 10 condition because of a ding that was left under the clear coat during a refinish. Price has been discounted because custom carbon fiber shaft has a small center wobble but nothing that would affect play. Overall this cue hits like a ton of brick a and would make a fantastic player. Thanks for looking.

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Myron Yoshizawa Custom Cue Carbon Shaft

  • Title: Myron Yoshizawa Custom Cue Carbon Shaft
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/16/2022 7:07:34 PM