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Meucci 95-10 Cue for Sale $400

Meucci 95-10 Cue for Sale $400

I have a Meucci 95-10 cue for sale on eBay (Deluxecustoms is my name; Check it out).

Meucci 95-10 series pro billards pool cue w/case, purple design

Starting bid is $300, and the buy-it-now price is $400

Selling my pool cue. we been together since I bought it new in 1996. been to Vegas shoot a couple times with it. won many placques and trophies. looking for someone with the same interest to put it to good use. this is a very nice pool cue. shoots well not warped, original shaft.

Source: ebay.com/itm/163094110025





Meucci 95-10 Cue for Sale $400

Replies & Comments

  1. user1528846874thevikingrick on 4/26/2019 1:18:42 PM

    Do you still have the Meucci 95-10 pool cue for sale?

    I'm not interested in the case. What’s your bottom line?

  2. user1528846874user1584481215 on 3/17/2020 2:40:17 PM

    Is this Meucci 95-10 cue still available? If so, i'd like to purchase it.

  3. user1528846874user1594678622 on 7/13/2020 3:17:03 PM

    Is this 95-10 Meucci cue still available? If so, please let me know.

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Meucci 95-10 Cue for Sale $400

  • Title: Meucci 95-10 Cue for Sale $400
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/12/2018 7:41:15 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/13/2018 5:28:55 AM
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