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Late 1800's Bbc Narragansett Billiard Table

Late 1800's Bbc Narragansett Billiard Table

Greetings all. Newbie to the site, but not to pool nor billiards, specifically 3-cushion billiards. I have in my possession, a BBC table from the late 1800's (I will check the plate, upon request to see the last patent date) 4.5 x 9' Narragansett Carom Billiard table. Note to all not familiar. This is a true billiard table. meaning no pockets. It is a 3-ball billiard table. Comes with all original serial numbers, includes wall mount cue rack, and ball box. Table is not assembled since I moved years ago. It was in my parents house since they bought it in 1972. I took possession of table and moved it to Northern PA in 2000. At time of reassembly, I installed new cushions (as close to Monarch as I could find at the time) and new Simonis cloth. I know it has a few bumps and bruises as well as I know of at least one Ivory Diamond missing. Also comes with overhead wire scorekeeper (condition is rough). Currently, table is disassembled in my basement near Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Please reply or email jcpenwarden@gmail.com for price



Late 1800's Bbc Narragansett Billiard Table

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Late 1800's Bbc Narragansett Billiard Table

  • Title: Late 1800's Bbc Narragansett Billiard Table
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/28/2020 2:42:44 PM