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Custom Vintage Original Palmer Pool Stick For Sale

Custom Vintage Original Palmer Pool Stick For Sale

For sale is a Vintage Original custom pool cue by Palmer Pool Cues.

I have listed this Palmer original pool cue on eBay for a client. Would love to sell it, but would also value any information about it.


It is in excellent condition, and according to the information given to me it is a Palmer original pool cue from the mid to late 1970's and is completely custom.

From the looks of it, it was used, but also lovingly cared for. Full auction details are below the photos.

From what I can find out, this pool stick was custom made in the mid- to late-70's. It appears to be from either the 2nd Catalog or 3rd catalog, and is truly a custom design.

If it is from the 2nd Catalog, it is most likely is it a Palmer Model C (the Tribute to Rambow cue), but with the sleeve of a Palmer Model G and the rubber bumper that was only available on the Palmer Model M & L.

If it is from the 3rd Catalog, it is most likely Palmer Model 21 - The Palmer Full Custom. It has beautiful Palmer craftsmanship that you can't find anywhere else. And it is the only one of its kind.

It is the 57" length. As best I can tell, it is straight, but I'm not much of a pool player. The joint screws together easily and tightly and it rolls smoothly across a flat surface

The original purchaser's name is engraved on the inlaid sleeve, along with the words "Original by Palmer".

It is in excellent condition. It does have a small amount of rusting on the metal. I could only feel one small nick on the shaft. There is minor wear, but no major nicks or scratches. One of the inlaid marble pieces has a ripple that you can feel when you run your hand over it. It does not feel like a crack. And I don't know if it should be there or not.

The case is solid black and does not have any writing on it. It is in very good condition as well. It does have light rusting on the metal parts and some cracking on the corner edges.

This listing includes the pool cue, the case, 3 additional screw on tips (2 look yellowed), one well used piece of chalk and a blue cloth.

That is all I have been able to find out about this pool stick. It is not mine and I do not know anymore about it or pool sticks in general. It is a vintage piece, it is not in mint or new condition (although it looks like it was gently used and very well loved).

Please check the pictures, as I have included a few comments there. AND ask any questions before you bid. I will do my best to answer in as much detail as possible, but pretty much what is here is all that I know. If you are unhappy with any part of this listing, please contact me to discuss them before bidding. The terms are non-negotiable after the fact.

To properly pack this, it will most likely be an oversized item and the calculated shipping reflects this. I will gladly refund any significant overpaid shipping charge once I mail the package.

Custom Vintage Original Palmer Pool Stick For Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. ohnototobilliardsforum on 6/7/2009 7:34:01 AM

    Vintage Palmer cues, especially if an original, are considered to be "investment grade" pool cues by many. You should not have any issues selling it as long as it's priced appropriately. (You'll have to do some research, and if you sell cues regularly, get the blue book for pool cues.)

    It looks to be a great cue from your auction details (which are very thorough, by the way), but a few comments and questions about your auction description.

    1. It would be great to have an exact production year...buyers for this market want the specifics.
    2. Do you have the Palmer catalog? Can you scan and post the page showing it? Also do you have the catalog details, like publication year?
    3. Buyers of investment grade pool billiard cues generally want to know the full history, if possible. How did you come to possess this cue? what about the person you got it from? The more history you can get, the better. Sale documentation is valuable as well. if you have those details, you'll attract a whole different caliber of investor, and should be able to increase the price based on amount, quality, and verifiability of those details.

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Custom Vintage Original Palmer Pool Stick For Sale

  • Title: Custom Vintage Original Palmer Pool Stick For Sale
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  • Published: 6/3/2009 2:54:48 PM
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