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1994 Meucci Summer Series SS-12 Rose Cue for Sale

1994 Meucci Summer Series SS-12 Rose Cue for Sale

I have a Meucci SS-12 Rose cue from the Meucci 1994 Summer series.

It was made in 1994 and after talking to Bob, I think there were only 71 of these made.

I am thinking about selling it.


1994 Meucci Summer Series SS-12 Rose Cue for Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. del00009132billiardsforum on 2/22/2018 1:09:39 PM

    This is a great looking cue. Seems to be in very good shape from the photos.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that there would have to be way more than just 71 of these Meucci SS-12 Rose cues made. I mean they made brochures for these cues. I assume they wouldn't have gone through the effort and cost for just 70 cues.

    How much do you want for it?

  2. del00009132del00009132 on 2/22/2018 2:55:57 PM

    From talking with Meucci, this cue went out on a one page brochure. It was supposed to come out in 1994 as the SS-4 but did not get released until 1996, at which time it came out as Meucci SS-12.

    In 1994 they only made these for 3 months, if ordered, and the same for 1996. They have no way of knowing how many, but I have talked to a couple of people, one that worked for 15 years with Meucci around that time, and he said only about 71 were made, so that can be debated. But they are both in agreement, there were only a handful made. And if you look, even in the Meucci archives, I believe you won't find this cue, nor will you find many pictures of one.

    And yes the cue is in excellent shape, thank you for that comment. It is my personal cue and it has the original shaft. I have put many tips on it over the years.

    If you like, contact me by email, where I would be more than happy to give my number so we could talk about it.

  3. del00009132user1569390287 on 9/24/2019 10:44:48 PM

    Do you still bave this Meucci Summer Series #12 cue?

    I have been looking for info on the Meucci SS-12 cue for some time now but have not been able to find much. Mainly just the one-page brochure advert that featured 4 or 5 of the Summer Series line of cues including this rose cue.

    I know that at that time Meucci was producing another rose cue also.

    I have a Meucci SS-12 cue that shares my cue case with 2 Morris Custom cues.

    The cue was my mothers and will be passed to my Daughter soon but I would really like some info on it to pass along with the cue.

    I really hate to ask this but what were you asking for it? If you did sell it, how much did you get for it?

    I'm just really curious because like I said I cant find any info on it including any kind of price.

  4. del00009132billiardsforum on 9/25/2019 2:52:23 AM

    What info specifically are you looking for? Just price?

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1994 Meucci Summer Series SS-12 Rose Cue for Sale

  • Title: 1994 Meucci Summer Series SS-12 Rose Cue for Sale
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/22/2018 10:00:55 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/22/2018 1:09:55 PM
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