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Pool Cleaning Routines

Pool Cleaning Routines

I've started getting into cue sports, mostly 9 ball and 8 ball) in the last few months. I've developed quite a passion for it, so thought it was time to invest in a decent cue to pick up the pace a little. Yes, the house cues around here are pretty awful.

I bought a McDermott C265 Pearl Plus Mars Red cue last week. It was purchased brand new via an authorized McDermott dealer.

When it arrived on my doorstep, I noted that most of the shaft's finish/gloss had been removed (only a small portion at the base of the shaft still has that glossy finish)

  • Should I buff this remaining finish off with Q-Wiz to make it uniform, or leave it as is?
  • Is there a reason this is done in this way?

    Some pics:

What is the general consensus on how to clean/maintain your cue? There's so much info online and in forums, but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer that I'm comfortable with. I was thinking of wiping the shaft down with a dry microfibre cloth between games, using the Q-Wiz on it as necessary, and applying some wax every now and again to help keep oils/sweat/etc from harming the wood? Is carnauba wax used on cars recommended/safe to use for this purpose - like P21S 100% Carnauba? http://www.p21s.com/products/bis_100cw.html Will it harm the wood at all, or cause any undesired outcomes?

What are some of your routines?

Your comments and feedback on my pool cue maintenance regime would really be appreciated. I'd hate to do the wrong this and ruin the shaft.

Pool Cleaning Routines

Replies & Comments

  1. McMbilliardsforum on 11/14/2009 8:12:49 AM

    Is that a brand new cue? I am not sure I'd have accepted delivery of that shaft.

  2. McMMitch Alsup on 11/14/2009 11:11:18 AM

    I have no idea if this is general consensus or not.

    I use pure carnauba wax on my pool cue shafts (e.g. "Mothers car wax" because its cheap). I build up about 10 layers first, before playing. Then once a month or so, I use a slightly damp towel, and rub the surface vigorously. Then immediately with a dry terry towel, rub the surface until you can feel some heat in the shaft. Then let sit in a ventilated area for 10 minutes and give another coat of wax. One trick, here, is to let the wax harden before buffing out (20 minutes in a ventilated area) this will leave more wax on the shaft and less on the buff cloth.

    Do this, and wash your hands every 3 games and you don't even need talk.

  3. McMquickshot on 11/15/2009 10:02:52 AM

    About once a month I take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, dampen it VERY lightly, and use it to clean the pool cue shaft. After I clean it, I take a small amount of rubbing alcohol put it on a soft cloth and give the shaft a quick wipe to remove excess residue. This really takes the dirt off the shaft. Once that is done, I follow Mitch's procedure.

    I pretty much follow it myself, except i don't do 10 coats. Four or five maybe.

    As for the gloss on the shaft, it is there because that part of the shaft does not get any abuse. Just leave it. It is fine

    I also keep a soft dry cloth in my bag to wipe the shaft down during a game. Especially if the place is hot and your hands sweat.

    But as with anything, don't get into overkill.

  4. McMMcM on 11/15/2009 5:41:20 PM

    Thanks for your feedback @quickshot.

    The 'Mr Clean Magic Eraser' that you refer to - I'm assuming this is the same product? In Australia, we have the "Chux Magic Eraser" and I think it is the same.

    You apply 4-5 coats of car carnauba wax once a month?

    Do your shafts still have the glossy finish on them, or have you sanded them down a little to remove this finish?

    Also, does the wax make the shaft feel sticky at all?

    I ask this because, right now, the sanded shaft feels incredibly smooth. I'd hate to have issues with wax ending up on my hands whilst playing, or seeping in the wood and warping it in the 104 F temperatures that we're going to be experiencing here soon.

    Is there any harm in applying wax to unsealed wood on the pool cue shaft?

  5. McMquickshot on 11/16/2009 7:36:11 AM

    No, the wax will not hurt the pool cue shaft. If anything it will protect it and eventually the gloss wears off just from use. Think about the wax on a car. The heat does not have any affect on it. Nor will it have on the cue.

    If you ever watch the pros, you will noticed that they keep a soft cloth handy and will wipe down the shaft between table turns. I once heard of a guy who spent a lot of money on a furniture polish (yes you can use it) that he bought in England. It was used to protect high end furniture and he used it on his shafts after waxing.

    There are extremes in this field. Everyone has a different idea. There are simple solutions to simple problems. Don't get into overkill.

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Pool Cleaning Routines

  • Title: Pool Cleaning Routines
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/14/2009 1:56:30 AM