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Pool Cue Ident and Value

Pool Cue Ident and Value

Found in attic after 20+ years.





Pool Cue Ident and Value

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  1. Helenuser1711021651 on 6/1/2024 7:25:17 AM

    These appear to be almost all single-piece pool cues, i.e., house cues which seem to be well used.

    It appears one may be a shorter pool cue for kids or pool rooms with little space or tight angles around the pool table in certain areas.

    You could sell them all as a bundle for someone to fix or paint, but not for very much money.

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Pool Cue Ident and Value

  • Title: Pool Cue Ident and Value
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/30/2024 5:34:40 PM