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Cuebox Online Pool Game in Real 3D With Zero gravity

Cuebox Online Pool Game in Real 3D With Zero gravity

I'm working on a mobile game that is a zero gravity, 3D version of billiards. It is played in real three dimensions without gravity. The balls are floating inside a box instead of on a flat table. I would be glad for some feedback. What do you think about this concept?

Here are some screenshots:

Cuebox Online Pool Game in Real 3D With Zero gravity

Replies & Comments

  1. dkorczakkZeke on 11/10/2013 11:04:59 AM

    There is not enough information to even grasp "the concept".

  2. dkorczakkdkorczakk on 11/12/2013 6:20:04 AM

    Cuebox lets gamers play with friends in "Pass and Play" mode.

    There is also single player option with 3 AI difficulty levels. The game is played with classic 8-Ball and 9-Ball rules, where each is just extended by extra dimension. The player uses a 3D-Ball.

    I've prepared special edition of 8-Ball with more balls, which is better suited for 3D tables.

    There are 4 cameras used for aiming: main 3D view and 3 supporting views: top, front, and side.

  3. dkorczakkZeke on 11/12/2013 8:07:23 AM

    "Gamers" may love it. But most of us are die-hard reality players.

    Some how aiming and shooting pool on-screen with a joy-stick or keyboard - rather than a cue stick on a 9' Gold Crown with Simonis cloth - has no correlation.

    Sort of like - how does "Grand Theft Auto" compare to driving a taxi in Manhattan at rush hour?

    There is no correlation. Really...

  4. dkorczakkdkorczakk on 11/14/2013 3:57:58 AM

    Keep in mind that the game was created just for fun. If you like playing pool games you might enjoy this also.

    I have some themes prepared but I won't be able to put all of them in the 3D billiard game (at least not in the first version). Can you give me some feedback on them?

    3D Billiard Game Theme - Classic:

    3D Billiard Game Theme - Noble:

    3D Billiard Game Theme - Blue:

    3D Billiard Game Theme - Concrete:

    3D Billiard Game Theme - Minimalism:

    3D Billiard Game Theme - Hot Chilli:

  5. dkorczakkZeke on 11/14/2013 7:58:46 AM

    You've posted images that have no functional dynamic. The pictures are sterile. Without a working sample, they are just pictures.

    Games are interesting. Pictures without functionality are boring.

    All we could comment on, is a non-functional picture. The pictures, withut action are worthless.

  6. dkorczakkbilliardsforum on 11/23/2013 10:48:10 AM

    Here are a few thoughts on your approach to launching the 3D billiards game:

    • The first video you posted is useless. It does not show the game at all, and what you see in it looks nothing like the actual screenshots you posted. If I didn't know any better, I would think they were two separate games. It should more closely resemble the actual experience (as does the 2nd video titled "game play trailer").
    • The look of the pockets - the pockets look very poorly done. They need to be cleaned up and made to look more like those on an actual billiard table.
    • Finally, the best way to get good feedback is to launch the 3D billiards game in beta or stage/test mode, and give forum member free access to actually try it out. That is the only way you will get meaningful feedback.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the launch.

  7. dkorczakkdkorczakk on 11/24/2013 4:03:27 AM

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I've received a few comments about the pockets. I will keep working on them.

    As you've said the pockets are poorly done , I've found a prototype I made almost year ago, those pockets were beautiful!

    Here's an image showing the progress after 8 months of making the game . If you look closely you can notice some small improvements.

  8. dkorczakkdkorczakk on 11/28/2013 5:16:05 AM

    Cuebox has just been released and is available on the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cuebox-3d-pool/id735918826?mt=8

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Cuebox Online Pool Game in Real 3D With Zero gravity

  • Title: Cuebox Online Pool Game in Real 3D With Zero gravity
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/10/2013 5:20:40 AM