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Best Online Pool Game 2019?

Best Online Pool Game 2019?

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on realistic and accurately modeled online pool games. What are some of the best pool games that play like the real thing?

"Flash Pool Game" looks pretty realistic to me. I'm wondering if there are any others out there?


Best Online Pool Game 2019?

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  1. straticianbilliardsforum on 5/27/2019 3:55:42 PM

    None "play like the real thing".

    They are all just video games. None of them feel like real cue sports.

    The screen shot of your game above shows a birds-eye-view of the pool table. I don't know anyone tall enough to have this view of a pool table when they are playing. The "point-of-view" is wrong. That's the first and biggest thing that needs to be fixed.

    The virtual reality / VR pool games are the only thing that come remotely close to the proper POV, and even they have a long way to come. You can see these in action in the History Channel Show featuring Ronnie O'Sullivan - "Ronnie O'Sullivan's American Hustle - Season 1 Episode 4 - where he tries it out.

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Best Online Pool Game 2019?

  • Title: Best Online Pool Game 2019?
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  • Published: 5/26/2019 11:16:25 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/27/2019 3:55:59 PM
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